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Using Vista: I cant get Itunes to detect my new Ipad2

MMOExposedMMOExposed Member RarePosts: 7,239

When I plug in my Ipad2, I cant get it detected by Itunes on my Vista Laptop (lenovo)


Not sure whats wrong. I am updating to Itune 10.4 to try again.



  • psyclumpsyclum Member Posts: 792

    a few questions to help with diagnosing

    1. has it ever worked before? 

    2. have you tried a different usb port?

    3. have you tried a different machine?

    4. do you have access to a another cable?

  • RidelynnRidelynn Member EpicPosts: 7,231

    Make sure you are using a port on the computer, and not through a USB hub.

    iPads like high-power ports so they can charge fast, but they should still sync with normal USB ports, and even with USB 1.0 ports.

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