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LF leveling partners for Aion

DrDreamDrDream Member UncommonPosts: 237

Im waiting for the game to finish updating. should be about another 4-5 hrs :S i hate this internet its so slow! anyway :D


Im looking for 1 or more people level up with now im kind of a slow leveler due to having a 40+hrs a week job and RL stuff comes first but i have Mondays and thursdays off and i can play for quiet some time, all other days i can play after 6pm EST to about 10-11pm. Ill be leveling a ranger or a Cleric havnt decided yet.



  • DrDreamDrDream Member UncommonPosts: 237

    Ive changed my mind and im going Asmo who wants to lvl with me?!


  • TheIllusiveTheIllusive Member Posts: 196

    hey there, im just starting Aion and loving it :) I would love a ingame buddy although im not sure if you mean questing or plain grinding =P


    Let me know!


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