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Knights of Dream City: FREE Trial and Update

You can now play Knights of Dream City for free within our new trial update. We also updated the look of the game and interface a bit. To download the trial simply visit the main site and download the free trial client. Paid members can also update to the new version uninstalling their previous version and installing this new client.



  • KarmaCry7KarmaCry7 Member Posts: 144

    Thank you for the update. Everything looks nice and I like the look and I'm glad you finaly gave a trial of some sort.

    A few questions:

    1. Isn't the trial a little restrictive? Do you plan on expanding the trial a bit for new players?

    2. Any hope for an expansion with added areas and content?

    I have the right to like what I want!

  • yodablazeyodablaze Member Posts: 234

    1. We currently have no plans on expanding the trial. KoDC is NOT a f2p game with premium option. It is a b2p game with a free trial area.

    2. We have plans on expanding KoDC quite a bit. We will keep everyone updated on our progress.

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