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Suprisingly Addictive

BlueDaggerBlueDagger Member Posts: 58

So I jsut started playing 2 days ago and man this game has a grip on me. Having not come from the 2D side of the game I have to say the 3D is 100% better. There isn't missions in 3D but the gameplay is way better. This game has some serious serious potential so I threw my $8 at it to hopefully help a fantastic concept become great!

... gamer forever


  • mainvein33mainvein33 Member Posts: 406

    I was shocked by how addictive this game can get and the community is reallly helpful.

  • LabinnacLabinnac Member Posts: 11

    Yeah it is very fun. first MMO I went on where the chat wasn't filled with racial and sexual slurs(not that I have a virgin mouth but it gets really annoying really quick). Also if you ask for help you aren't being insulted by people because your a "noob" no they actually help what a shocking concept help people who ask for help 

  • niahflameniahflame Member Posts: 8

    My friend wanted me to sign up for this, so I decided why not. There are a lot of professions so I'm debating ATM.

  • ze789ze789 Member Posts: 21

    go with the policeman hes EPIC WINNING.

    you know that I know that you know that i know that you know that i know....

  • MikeTheSaintMikeTheSaint Member Posts: 74

    Its a bit of a mistake to go for either soldier or policeman although very tempting as they start off with guns and a minor amount of skillpoints for said weapons.

    However they do (did) have an xp penalty when I played and while not noticeable at low levels it will hinder you later on in the game... The trick is to pick either a civilian class which if I remember right had either an xp bonus or in the case of Doctors Chefs and mechanic(?) a skill that you can charge other players for when you are offline.

    I picked policeman 1st time round and regretted it ;) the pistol he uses is poor and worth less than the $100 odd bucks a civilian char starts with. With enough scavenging you will *eventually* find something better and I stress eventually for anyone who hasn't had much looting luck. I was loosing interest coming back from my trips into the city with little more than bugger all and then when I least expected it I found a pretty bangin' SMG that lasted me the next 10 levels (which with enough ammo and the introduction of outpost attacks flew by). Very satisfying

    I remember something on their forums along the lines of "every dog has his day, it could be your 1st run or your 100th run". Oh and it definitely helps to know that your chances of finding anything are *massively* improved searching indoors and not outside and there was a sort of method/bug to encourage a green zombie to appear with a lootable corpse (often containing something). I can't guarantee this is still the case as I have gone up maybe 3 levels in the last year I play so little hahaha.

    I've been playing on and off (mostly off nowadays) since 2009 and it is a fun little browser game, I only come back once a month or so to stop myself being deleted and to see what progress has been made with the 3d version (usually none).

    I liked the hunger concept for added realism but what I found daft was that food that filled my belly by 10% at say level 10 only fills me by 1% at level 30+... Bearing in mind I have done nothing but running and fighting over those 30 levels my character should not have a massive gut. Eating a burger should not make me any more or less hungry at level 1 or level 100.

    Unless level = waist size in which case thats my excuse for not bothering to reach level 40


    Edit: Sorry to ramble didn't realise it was that long till after I posted

  • Paddy_BigPaddy_Big Member Posts: 2

    I've played Dead Frontier for a couple years now, and like some kind of nazi I feel the need to correct a few things here.

    First of all, the Police Officer Class is the worst class for beginners, but changing to it at a VERY high level can give you some good benefits. The Solider class is widely considered to be the best Stat Class in the game, and arguably the best class in general. Once a Player reaches the maixmum level they will convert to a Soldier Class (If you check the Top Strongest list you'll see a whole lot of Soldiers) and the Exp penalty means very little, if anything it gives you more game time- and there are also different aspects to the game than Exp grinding. (Soldier is the best Class for PvP)

    An RP class is horrible for beginner players. It is generally a temporary class for people that want to run for Top Survivor. (Then changing back to Service/Production or Stat Class) Something you should note when you choose a Service Class is that you lose Hunger every time you sell a service. Once you level up, (think of it as growing up) you need food that can contain your energy better (So chips aren't going to have the best effect are they?).

    Loot is the same (Chance wise) indoors and outdoors. The only thing that affects Loot Chances is Gold Member, which gives you more Ammo and Cash, and a significant increase in chance of finding Weapons/Armor and Misc items.

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