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For all players that buy from gold farmers...



  • HyrimHyrim Member Posts: 22

    but what if they're are rabid sandbox fans and they must play Runes of Magic all day and night?

    I see some prison revolts in China on the horizon..

  • MeridionMeridion Member UncommonPosts: 1,495

    Originally posted by jerkbeast

    Originally posted by Shoju

    At least they get to play MMOs all day.

    have you ever farmed in a game because you needed enough gold for something? I wouldn't consider that "playing"

    You don't farm for stuff you want. You pretend you're a girl, send the guy some fake amateur shot from some third-class social networking ripoff, say you don't understand how your class works, run into mobs, die, type "tehee... sorry..."; The inevitable testosterone overdose cascade starts rolling, the guy gets a boner and will spend the night farming for you. 

    For the chinese prisoners. Too bad, better to play in prison than to starve in a tin-mine; You know, a dissident's career in China... And no, I'm not from the US, so spare me the antiamericanism. Well, on a second thought, the US has at least two parties, that's one more than china =D... 

    You know politics are forbidden in this section?


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