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When and what will be te next in-depth fully geared game?

aodoineaodoine Member Posts: 24

I am still downloading and trying everthing I can find I am part of almost all the betas out there and I can't find a game to suit my play-style and my taste. I would like to see a game with long lasting quests and the depth of DAOC, EQ, EQ2 or some of the older games like UO. But the only thing we find nowaday is Rushes and unpolished games. Conan, Rift, Star Trek and many others.

Most of them were said to be real sandbox with in-depth and long lasting content but were deceiption instead.


So which game still on the table will fill these needs of long lasting pleasures?


  • JonsusJonsus Member UncommonPosts: 175

    Unfortunately (as I have already outlined in a few of my older rant-posts) the genre has changed to reflect the shifting demands and wants of its customerbase.

    "Old-school" MMOs, sandboxes, and uniquely developed conceptual games have been falling by the wayside due to the vastly increased popularity of WoW and its immediate-gratification themepark style. It is still the elephant in the room. It has changed the MMO landscape. It is why everything is different.

    I, personally, retain hope for Guild Wars 2, as I feel Arenanet is trying to do some new and innovative things that will revitalize the genre as a whole and change the way investors and developers see MMOs... but it wont release until next year.

    If youre looking for something to do to pass the time, I would very strongly recommend picking up Guild Wars 1 (all expansions and eye of the north can bought very cheaply these days) and unlocking stuff in prep for GW2, which is what ive been occupying myself with.

    You could also revisit some of the MMOs that have gone FTP recently, AoC being the most recent (yes, I know, it had alot of problems at launch, I was there... but ive been giving its free incarnation a spin and its not a bad thing to mess around in for the price).

    Also, if youre a big fan of older games, Lineage 2's big gamechanging expansion, Goddess Of Destruction, is slated to come out sometime in the next few months I believe. I will be checking it out when it releases, as I have a soft spot for that game. Always liked it.

    Dungeons and Dragons Online, Global Agenda, League of Legends, and Lord of the Rings Online are all free now and well worth checking out as well. You might find one of them suits you best.

    Good luck out there. The genre as it currently stands is a bit of a wasteland.

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