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Huge free game list!

LordMagnusLordMagnus Member CommonPosts: 1,322

All the games in this list are either fully free or in open beta.

Am I missing a game? Email me so I can add it!

EDIT: There's still a ton of games which I have not yet added due to my laziness. I will be adding these slowly, probably 1 or 2 at a time when I feel like it.

If any of these games go p2p please email me at LordMagnus@mmorpg.com and i will remove them.

Project Entropia
Pretty cool game, you have the choice to pay or to play for free. I hear it's really hard to get anywhere if you don't pay at least once though.

A diablo 2 style game.

Dragon Raja
Another diablo 2 style game where you can go to war against two other nations.

Mooc Online
Hasn't been released in english yet, I heard that it was going into open beta soon though.

Endless Online
Anime style mmorpg, pretty cool if you are into the graphics.

Mu Online
Webzen's first mmorpg. Not bad if you are a diablo 2 fan.

Shot Online
A unique mmorpg. If you like gold you should definately play this game.

I haven't tried this one out yet because of some registration bug.

The Universal

Scifi/strategy type game. If you like Second Life or There you should try this one out. There seems to be a lack of players though.

Do Online International server
Martial arts mmorpg, seems pretty cool if you like samurais

Legend Of Mir 3
Again, another diablo 2 type mmorpg with some unique features.

Navy Field
An army strategy game, pretty cool.

Cool if you are into age of empires and similar type games.

Gunz Online
Anime style shooter, try it if you like third person shooters.

Kal Online
Martial arts mmorpg, has a lack of character custimization in my opinion.

Fun anime style game, at level 20 you can fly around anywhere you like with a broom or surfboard type thing.

Looks like a fun game, I had trouble registering though...

Gate To Heaven
Uhhh, typical korean mmo....if you have free time you might wanna try it out.

Supreme Destiny
Reminds me of Mu online o_O

Survival Project
Fast paced anime styled game. Pretty fun.

Do Online e-games version
This is the e-games version of do online, it's basicly the same game, just a different server. You choose.

Knight Online E-games version
Medieval MMORPG. Has pretty fun PVP.

Knight Online International
This is the Internation version of Knight Online, it's the same game but different server.


Oz Online
Virtual Chatroom?

Thang Online
Action MMORPG. Pretty cool.

Conquer Online
Oriental style mmorpg. Lots of jumping and action.

Dark Eden
Vampire MMORPG, not enough english speakers though.

Monster And Me
It reminds me of pokemon. Very fun game.

Ogre Island
Alot like Runescape.

Adventure Quest
This isn't really an mmorpg, it's fun if you have a few minutes.

Shattered Galaxy
MMORTS, if you liked starcraft you should check this game out.

Very popular mmorpg, it has alot to do if you don't mind the graphics.

Ts Online
Anime styled mmorpg, turn based fighting and cool graphics.

Priston Tale
This game is free until level 39, which should be enough for you to get sick of it.

Fun game. If you like WORMS, you should definately try it.

Not much to do in this game yet because it's still in early development.

Another game similar to Runescape, fun if you don't mind the graphics.

Rubies Of Eventide
LOTS of skills, the lag and system requirements are quite high though.

Maple Story
Another anime style MMORPG. This one is unique because of the side scrolling style. Check it out if you liked Ragnarok Online

Purge Jihad
Looks pretty cool, I haven't tried it though.

Tactis Arena
Another cool looking game. It seems like a strategy game...I haven't tried it yet though.

Hmm...very unique MMORPG. If you liked final fantasy tactics you might like this game. It's in Open beta.

Myth War Online
Look like Conquer online.

Fun if you are into crafting.

Another World
Runescape clone from Germany o.O

Online space game. Think of it as mini EVE online.

Anarchy Online
Probably one of the best sci fi games. It's currently free if you play the classic version.

Looks pretty cool, haven't tried it though.

America's Army
Some say this is one of the best first person shooter out there. Definately try it.

Rose Online
From the makers of Ragnarok Online. Try it if you are a fan of Gravity's work.

Puzzle Pirates
One of my favorites. There's a pay and free version although there's very little info on it on the main site. Definately check it out if you like pirates and like sailing ships with your crew =].

Tactics Arena Online
Haven't tried this one. Looks cool though.

Mixed reviews on this one. This is an army based MMORPG. Very high lag at times.

Infinity Empire
Try it if you are a fan of the Gundam series or are just a fan of mechs.

ray Crash
Another mech game.

Wolfenstein Enemy Territories
Free FPS.

A mod for the above.

Side scrolling shooter.

Team Revo
Online racing game

Battle Position
Another 2d side scrolling shooter.

Iron War
Not much info on this one. I haven't tried it yet.

Fun game, sort of like soldat and battle position.

5 Masters
Online strategy game. Pretty cool.

face Of Mankind
MMOFPS, haven't tried it.

Block Land
Build stuff with legos!

Cartoon Racer
Cartoony online racing game. Pretty fun but I hate the graphics.

Holy Beast
Looks fun, too bad it's not in english yet. Rumor is that it will be coming out in english soon though.

Fun anime style mmorpg.

Uhh... animals?

Pretty cool mmorpg.

Call of The Warlords 2
Small online strategy game.

Looks like Ashen Empires.

NewAge 3
Old style 2d mmorpg.

Blade Mistress
Old 3d mmorpg that just recently went f2p.

Habbo Hotel
Virtual chat room.

The Battle For Wesnoth
Online strategy game.

Pokemon Online
Online Pokemon! Looks pretty cool from the screenshots. Currently in development.

Hyper Relay
A collection of online minigames. Reminds me of warioware.

Gangsta War
You get to be an online gangsta dawg!

Supreme Destiny
Typical hack and slash mmo.

Hostile Space
Space mmorpg.

Eternal Lands
Kind of like runescape but better in my opinion.

Frozen Bubble
Reminds me of Tetris.



  • AntMMOAntMMO Member Posts: 33

    forgot ultimatebaseballonline.com ;-)


  • tricontricon Member Posts: 141

    Cool! LordMagnusimage

    Hopes this thread will reduce those "I am looking for free mmorpgs" threadsimage

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  • LordMagnusLordMagnus Member CommonPosts: 1,322


  • LordMagnusLordMagnus Member CommonPosts: 1,322

    I added a few games.

  • a3specsupraa3specsupra Member Posts: 44
    Haha damn this is really nice hopefully it does reduce the topics of "Are there any free MMORPG games!!!" Ha cool.
  • spookytoothspookytooth Member Posts: 508

    cool list

    I'm gonna try out TS online

  • Add:

    Strive For Power


     The only MMORPG with perma-death. image


  • Iceman12321Iceman12321 Member Posts: 992

    nice list mate. if they were actual clicky links....that'd be sweet. *nudge

    again, nice list.

  • CactusmanXCactusmanX Member Posts: 2,218
    Impressive I actually never knew there were so many free games

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  • AngryllamaAngryllama Member Posts: 30

    mad props man. i played like 75% of them (i know im sad)

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  • LordMagnusLordMagnus Member CommonPosts: 1,322

    I shall BUMP this! Oh and sorry for not making the links clickable, I just don't know how to.

  • kishekishe Member UncommonPosts: 2,012

    maybe staff member could replace the old sticky with this?

  • doobsterdoobster Member Posts: 736

    Originally posted by LordMagnus

    I shall BUMP this! Oh and sorry for not making the links clickable, I just don't know how to.

    put a space at the end of the link
  • CeticarrCeticarr Member Posts: 236

    Nice, thx! ::::08::
    I'm bored to hell every evening anyway, so I'll probably give some of those a try.

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  • GamewizeGamewize Member Posts: 956

    Originally posted by kishe

    maybe staff member could replace the old sticky with this?

    I second that

    I think it's the objective of your past self to make you cringe.

  • LordMagnusLordMagnus Member CommonPosts: 1,322


  • ElnatorElnator Member Posts: 6,077

    Or *gasp* maybe you could email this list to him to add them to the list. Like he asks people to.

    Nice list by the way.

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  • NecroticNecrotic Member Posts: 22


    Good job, Id rather have the opinion from someone who has seen the game than the standard given description.

  • GideonGideon Member Posts: 629

    Thanks for the list man. Hopfully mmorpg.com will add alot of these to their list.

    Im going to try Supreme Destiny. image I like hack and slash mmorpg's.

  • BalterBalter Member Posts: 1,015

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  • theanimedudetheanimedude Member UncommonPosts: 1,610

    Frozen Bubble
    Reminds me of Tetris.

    It is a blatant bubble bobble clone... nothing like tetris... but wow! Awesome list. I feel sad as well, knowing I have played 75% of them as well... we really need to get lives, do we not? image


  • Massive84Massive84 Member Posts: 2

    Hi, has anyone tried Ruby of evertied.

    is it a decent game to play for a while? it looks a bit like everquest 1 but of cource less detailed.




  • ZepeeZepee Member Posts: 947

    How about slayers, I couldnt find any screenshots... can you post some?


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  • SoleilSoleil Member Posts: 39

    You forgot Medievia on your list!

    If you want a different type of MMORPG and a unforgettable community, try Medievia.

    Medievia is a multiplayer online text based role-playing game that has been in development since 1991. Medievia is a free virtual environment that offers imaginative game play and an environment so compelling hundreds of its users have continued to log in and play daily for five or more years. Imagine a game that has the intuition to track your happiness, pride, sadness, and fear, and then changes the game to fit your needs. Imagine a world in which intelligent monsters from afar bring chaos and evil to the world you know. Imagine a multi-player realm in which you can join together with friends and clan members to battle against other player groups in real-time quests. Imagine an online community where the relationships you form with your fellow adventurers are so strong you will remember them for a lifetime. Medievia V offers its players not only excellent game play with its Dungeon Master, Mob Factions, Dragon Lairs, Clan Ships, Bloodlines, Master Heroes and Naval Battles, but it also offers a unique social environment in which to create and sustain strong and lasting friendships.


    Do you DARE Enter?

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