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New Guild - Laminae (Blades) is now recruiting!


Hi ladies and gentlemen,

We are the Laminae (/?læm.?.n?/: Blades), a completely new guild built from the ground up for Guild Wars 2. Like the game's developers, we aim to innovate in terms of how the guild runs and how leadership is viewed by the members and the officers.


Our in-game goals for Guild Wars 2 is to simply enjoy the game and have everybody level-up at their own pace while rewarding players who help-out their fellow members when needed. As for End-game, we count both PvE dungeon fanatics and PvP masters in our numbers and soon-to-be members so that we may dominate WvWvW, Structured PvP and explorable dungeons.


We are even working on systems to track how much members help each-other out and are looking into rewarding them using the game's in-game store!


Being new, our numbers are obviously few but we wish to change that by recruiting all able-bodies we can find. You are welcome to join us at any time, simply fill out the application form on our website. The application is to get to know you better before you join our ranks and not to filter in only the "pros" . ;)



Website: http://laminae.mmoguildsites.com/


- DaaX


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