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Roleplay irl challenge

CastillleCastillle Member UncommonPosts: 2,679
Sooo.. Who here wants to do roleplay challenges irl? Like... We all place our ideas on what to rp then we rp it irl where no one else rps! Who eez wid meee??

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  • MonfangMonfang Member Posts: 48

    Um... what?

  • pmreeb23pmreeb23 Member UncommonPosts: 65

    Crack is whack


  • CastillleCastillle Member UncommonPosts: 2,679
    I r not on crack duhh! I r having insomnia and i been trying to sleep for the past 4 hours but i cant so i resorted to posting randomly! o.o

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  • DubhlaithDubhlaith Member Posts: 1,012

    People do do this, as a branch of cosplay. Of course, when you start pretending to be something you are not in the real world, madness can bleed through into it. I just like to dress up. When you start acting out the role too much, it starts to get a little crazy.

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    WTF? No subscription fee?

  • MonfangMonfang Member Posts: 48

    Wait, are we talking about LARP? Sorry to say, not enough cool people in my area to do a LARP

  • FoomerangFoomerang Member UncommonPosts: 5,628

    Id LARP it up with the best of em if it werent for my sanity.

  • CastillleCastillle Member UncommonPosts: 2,679
    Originally posted by Monfang

    Wait, are we talking about LARP? Sorry to say, not enough cool people in my area to do a LARP


    then thou shalt LARP amongst the common men! Create thy speech and causeth a crowd and women shall watach and stare! Thou must larp as the women go "what the hell"

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  • jado818jado818 Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 356

    dibbs on the overweight video gamer character ;p

  • JonsusJonsus Member UncommonPosts: 175

    Life is a pretty awesome game. I see it as an infinite amount of choices in which you can honestly choose to be and do anything you want. It is effectively the biggest MMORPG evar (though the term should be corrected to MMRLRPG, unless you want to consider being alive equivalent to being online >_>). The key though is that it takes both time and effort to excel at things (just like in games, what a concept)

    For instance/example:

    I have spent the last six years or so studying Karate and am now a black belt. Therefore, I have a decent amount of levels/experience in the "Martial Artist" profession tree, with lots of AA points in the Karate subclass, and a couple scattered in the early parts of the Kung Fu and Ju Jutsu subclasses (which I have also trained in, but not to the same extent as karate). It was not easy to grind out those levels, and took alot of intense grinding and effort, and the first level of the blackbelt specialization is only the beginning of that specific profession's subclass levelling tree. It goes pretty damned deep if you keep following it...

    Job/education-wise, I graduated with a bachelor's degree in English Lit with a minor in Political Theory am currently working on a masters degree in Public and International Affairs, therefore I have a fair bit of experience/levels in the Scholar profession, with a good deal of points spent in the Literature and Poli Sci Student subclasses. This, along with my current educational involvement, will eventually allow me to unlock the rare Politician profession later on if I complete my masters degree (which is essentially an epic questline that takes frickin YEARS to complete, not to mention a ton of accumulated currency).

    I grind for cash at work. I spend it on maintaining my ingame/life housing rent and aquiring various things that improve my living/gaming experience. I play minigames when I want a break from the tedium of grinding out profession levels and AA points.

    I am a life-gamer, and I can be anything I want. (PS: So can you)

    Essentially, if I wanted to be, say, a soldier with mad sniper skillz so I could do some mad pvp in the world's currently active battlegrounds (the Middle East is full of them right now, tons of crazy PvP happening there), I could join the military and work my way up/through the ranks so as to qualify for and complete the sniper training, and then get shipped off to someplace where I could shoot people inna face (inappropriately screaming "BOOM HEADSHOT!" whenever I landed one)

    We all conform to and play specific roles. The question is whether youre making the decision to play a given role consciously, or are just reactionary to your surroundings and the situations you find yourself in, and adopt it because of those things.

    Ultimately, it is all about what we choose to do/be with the time we have. If you take the time to really conceptualize life in general, we are all LARPing all the time.

    Also, I am a gigantic nerd because ive actually thought about this sort of thing in a fairly involved way... Woo. >_>

  • jado818jado818 Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 356

    I did a few larp events a looong time ago.. and I have to say its a lot harder than it sounds


    you don't want it to devolve into a screaming 13 year old going "lightning bolt" but you still want it to be fun..


    I think the most enjoyable one i did was based off the pnp game vampire.. (not the sparkly ones)


    but really its not an everyday thing because of how much effort it takes.. and most people are bad at acting xD (me included ;p)


  • djvapiddjvapid Member Posts: 80

    My two buddies talked me into joining them for one of their LARP events they had every Saturday night.  When I got there, I saw probably close to a dozen or more people all dressed in goth clothes.  They were all incredibly stereotypical as far as physical physique goes (I won't be so shallow as to sit here and say they were all fat, but if it walks like a duck and LARPs like a must be a duck.) 


    There were four girls in the group (3 were someone's girlfriend or wife).  Those said 3 were also very unattractive (to put it nicely).  The fourth girl was homely at best and was the apparent slut, using LARP as an excuse to pull a random goth-dressed dude into the forest and f***ing them.


    It was a Vampire the Masquerade theme, if I am not mistaken (this happened over 10 years ago). 


    At first, I was thinking:  Okay, I'm not going to judge on looks alone (because this would have forced me to say 'No Thank You' and walk off) so I'm going to give this a shot.


    I learned a few things about LARP that are incredibly...amusing.


    1)  Rock, Paper, Scissors - I mean...really?  That's how disputes are solved?  What is this garbage? 


    2) Egos - The entire night, when two people weren't playing paper rock scissors over who was better, was spent with people arguing over who could laser who to death with their eyes or whatever disciplines they wanted to utilize in some way to "conquer the social world". 


    3)  The after party - And what LARP night would be awesomely bad without a stop at Denny's afterward?  Where smelly weird guys sit around and argue over who is more powerful then who with their imagined abilities. 


    And at the end of the night (or morning), they go back to their parent's basement to return to reality for another week.


    In conclusion, no.  Stop, please.

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