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LOL good game but it comes with a price!

SnoepieSnoepie Member UncommonPosts: 482

to start of

Im not sure what this game do on mmorpg it shouldn''t be tbh.. but since it is i like to share to following


The following issue''s with this game are:

a: its free to play which comes with Ques

b: the server is either busy or offline

c: ping issues ingame on primetimes


If you want play a fast/short  games and have some fun install this game.. on the other  hand you have to login on weird times to get into the server..

like i said to avoid a,b,c, login on weird times..


have fun in LOL


  • GrinnzGrinnz Member UncommonPosts: 312

    You must be on EU servers....never had any of these issues with US servers.

  • tachgbtachgb Member UncommonPosts: 791

    I originally registered on the EU LoL, got sick of the queues so I downloaded LoLRADS_US_update.zip to convert my EU LoL client to play on the US servers, and registered a US account, haven't had queueing or lag issues since.

  • SnoepieSnoepie Member UncommonPosts: 482

    hmm intresting..


    Do keep my current chars then or? with the Eu account.. prolly not :(


    Have shitloads unlocked so..

  • theniffrigtheniffrig Member UncommonPosts: 351

    Hey, only got into this game when the recent article was put up on this site. The game is great. I'm from the EU and the servers had those problems. I youtubed a video that show's you how to change 3 lines on 3 files for the EU client to turn it into the US client. You'll have to download a patch after you make the change that's about 300-400mbs so not too bad.

    You'll also have to make a US registration so if you've bought any champs on the EU account it they wont trade over :(

    However, the US server doesnt seem to have any problems like the EU ones had. And who wouldn't want to play on a server located in the land of the free & home of the brave?

    Hope that helps!

  • MentatMentat Member UncommonPosts: 516

    If you are from the US totally disregard the this thread, we do not have these issues. So, US folks, download, install, enjoy

  • HekketHekket Member Posts: 905

    I have never had the slightest bit of lag.

    Always a 49 ping.

  • SeinaruSeinaru Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 109

    Lately though the US servers have been crap. There's been a lot of downtime the past few days. I've only been playing for a couple of weeks, but this seems to have started after the Leona patch. Before that there was no downtime.

  • seifer93seifer93 Member Posts: 6

    lol you guys need to stop your belly-aching. Vets from the pre-season KNOW bad servers. When 6/7 days the servers are down, that's when you've earned the right to complain. I remember the servers being so bad back then, and when season one first launched, that I was stuck refreshing the screen so the server status would change from offline to online more than I was actually playing. I stuck with it though, because it was an awesome game, that's not to say that I wasn't dissatisfied with the service.

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