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PC and PS3 the same?

nerrollusnerrollus Member Posts: 214

If I buy the Pc version can I play on the ps3 with the same character?


  • RobokappRobokapp Member RarePosts: 6,244

    nope. separate servers.


  • mmodannommodanno Member Posts: 163

    If you HAVE to pay your hard earned money to play this game, best go with PS3 servers.  PC servers are empty... and I mean EMPTY.  No on plays this game anymore except for those who bought a lifetime subscription site unseen.... poor souls.

    PS3 servers are ghostowns, too, but at least their are less of them, so the 100 or so people still playing this game aren't as srpead out.

  • xsidurax22xsidurax22 Member Posts: 21

    Certain PS3 servers -- the PVP ones -- are still very active.  I just ganked a couple noobs today when roaming about :P

    I would recommend the PS3 version for the controls and for the player population.  You can pick up a cheap bluetooth headset and a USB keyboard for low cost and it works quite well.  Many of the freezing issues have been resolved.  Plus, laying back on your couch while playing an MMO is a nice treat.  Sure, you could hook up your PC to your big screen, but you'd still be playing on dead PC servers.

    I'd also recommend going with The Killing Joke, No Man's Land, or Blood Will Run servers (all PVP).

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