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Shame on HiRez

KalibratedKalibrated Member Posts: 7

Originally I wrote a rant blasting hirez, i retract everything.  They are a good gaming company.


Now Time For Nyan Cat



  • Hard2killh2kHard2killh2k Member Posts: 8

    Did they pay you off? or are you confused?

    Global Agenda is a decent game, but Hirez is evil.

  • vladakovvladakov Member Posts: 710

    Looks a bit awkward,


    but yea, Global Agenda is a pretty good game, and Tribes Asced looks awesome so far


  • Hard2killh2kHard2killh2k Member Posts: 8

    I use to be YAY hirez is doing Tribes too, but now I hope they go bust and let valve or even EA reboot tribes.

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