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Ok Maybe this is old..

CliveClive Member Posts: 65

but I havent seen it before.

thought it looked cool, the combat still looks a little choppy I think the best part is the guy fighting the girl with the katana the parrying and dodging looks fluid


  • CalmarCalmar Member Posts: 62

    Looked at it yesterday. I believe it is new.

  • CthulhuvongCthulhuvong Member UncommonPosts: 433

    Cool stuff. Yea this definately looks new. Love the brahmin-deer and the big bug-eyed bear. Plus the locations all look very well done. The graveyard in the one sceen and some of the other stuff.

    Well done ::::28::

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  • darkasterdarkaster Member Posts: 187

    Awesome! ::::08::

    I love this video! I hope they release a soundtrack for this game as well ::::02::

    Great new video, lots of great animations in there!

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