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Looking for something different

kanashidokanashido Member Posts: 1

I've been through the MMO block again and again...I'm looking for something different.  I am getting very frustrated with the fact that so many MMO's follow the same cookie-cutter type Ideas.  So my query to you is this: What MMO's are out their that are unique/strange/different?


  • SeinaruSeinaru Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 109

    The ones I've played and can recommend are these:

    Mabinogi - sandbox, no classes, too much unique stuff to talk about without making a wall of text.

    Guild Wars - pvp focused game; the pve is actually optional. It's an extremely different game. Some people are turned off by the fact that everything's instanced besides towns.

    Vindictus - very action-packed combat with realistic (if not exaggerated) physics. In terms of cash shop reliance, this is one of the best f2p games out there. It's also instanced like GW, except it's solely dungeons with no exploration.

    Dungeons and Dragons Online - also instance based and almost solely dungeons; lots of character customization and content to play through.

    Atlantica Online - Unique mmo with turn-based combat. However the quests are normal themepark ones. Despite this it feels quite different, and is quite fun, but if you get into pvp be warned that it's pay to win.

    RuneScape - I'm sure you've heard of this and probably aren't interested in it, but if you can get over the crappy graphics this game has a lot to do (plus the quests are actually MEANINGFUL). Like Mabinogi there are no classes, just skills that you level up.

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