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gods & Heroes + forsaken world

Ozean77Ozean77 Member Posts: 23

either of these 2 games worth taking a look at?


  • Moxom914Moxom914 Member RarePosts: 731

    i played g&h's during closed then open beta. not a horrible game but it lacks an ah and no crafting yet. havent played fw so i cant help u there.

  • SerpentarSerpentar Member Posts: 246

    Forsaken World is OK. Its F2P, and haven't really looked at slanted the cash shop is towards influencing ingame advantage. Pretty heavy on the Race/Class combo locks. Fairly standard classes as well, with a few minor twists of the Vampire and Bard. Graphics are sorta on par with WoW though the avatars are a higher texture resolution. The avatars have small amount of customization options.

    Standard Combat. While on the whole is slower paced and you gain skills a bit more slowly then other MMOs. Heavy quest based following the usual hub to hub type tactics. And once you reach Freedom Harbor, there is encouragement to do the Life of Freedom Harbor daily which is capped at 30 times a day.

    On an aside the pet system is fairly fleshed out and you gain a choice of turtle, sheep, or wolf off the bat when you get to the Harbor. Crafting looks fairly good, though I haven't messed around in it very much. Certain crafting jobs are level locked though.

  • SeinaruSeinaru Member, Newbie CommonPosts: 109

    You might try Forsaken World out if you're in to f2p themeparks. It's a pretty high quality game, but the current lack of a (PvE) endgame and the daily-oriented leveling might turn you off. An endgame will be added sometime so that's more of a temporary problem, but the daily-oriented leveling is more a matter of preference. You'll be getting half your exp from God's Trial and Life in the Harbor (the main daily instance and quest) from the moment you can start them to the moment you hit max level... Leveling also relies on quests but those run out at higher levels.

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