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Transformers 3!

Movie was great, lots of action! 


  • DekronDekron Member UncommonPosts: 7,358

    Thank you for that in-depth, intellectual review.

    "It has lots of action, go see it!".

  • Vato26Vato26 Member Posts: 3,930

    Originally posted by Dekron

    Thank you for that in-depth, intellectual review.

    "It has lots of action, go see it!".


    Yay action.

    The second one had a lot of action as well.  And, was arguably worse than the first one.

  • SyncrosonixSyncrosonix Member Posts: 341

    so, was it better than the second movie?

  • LaserwolfLaserwolf Member Posts: 2,383

    I honestly didn't care much for the first film. I felt no connection to any of the characters, transformers included, and thought the movie was just too much action and not enough drama. My friend wanted me to go see 3 with him today, so I had to re-watch the first one two nights ago(haven't seen it since theaters and couldn't remember a lot about it) and watch two for the first time last night. The first one seemed a little better at home when it wasn't all action, but I still felt it was rather unimpressive. I thought maybe I could have liked two since most people hold a reverse opinion of it from how they felt about the first one, but the lame humor and never-ending Egyptian sequence was just plain bad.

    Amazingly enough, I thought that number three was a very good movie. They realized the mistakes they made with the first two and this one just felt much more serious and had a much better story than the previous two including some cool historical tie-ins. The characters were much more compelling in this one, and I actually began to care about the auto-bots. Probably the best thing about this movie was the level of drama. In both the previous two movies the entire world was in danger, or so they told us, but in this one you truely felt it. Also, the action was much more violent and satisfying which made it feel a lot less like a giant CGI Rock-em-Sock-em Battle, and much more organic to the point where you could easily forget the red stuff spewing from a recently beheaded Decepticon is supposed to be transmission fluid instead of blood. They certainly didn't hold back when it came to civilian and innocent human deaths, which terrible as it sounds really ramps up the dramatics.

    If I had to throw out one major complaint, it is that when they finally got the chance to replace the unappealing Megan Fox they substituted in the equally unappealing Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I really wish we can get over this "hot body trumps weird face" phase we are going through right now. To be fair, I think RHW has more going for her than Fox does. Fox's problem, besides her unsmiling cold eyes and weird mannish facial features, was that she seems to have no real sense of humor or intelligence to her. Whiteley seems a little warmer than Fox from what I've seen, but she is still rather unemotional and her face is just hard to look at. Those lips are fine on Jolie, but on her they just look unnatural. Also, am I the only one that thinks her eyes are much too far apart in a kind of Deliverance Possum Boy/Splice Alien kind of way?  I'm just more of a fan of "cute" than "hot" I suppose, and wish the rest of America was too. Thankfully the people who casted Captain America seem to get it.


    *Oh, and see if you can spot the outdoor shot toward the beginning that seems almost to be a deliberate homage to a very popular 360 Shooter.


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