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my problem with linear rpg's

draphiusdraphius Member Posts: 13

it seems like every rpg i play lately is on rails and every time im starting to finally enjoy the player ive created and am getting close to how ive wanted the char to be since my first steps in the game, it ends! why is it that every developer lets u get to the point where its finally fun to play your char then end the game? all i ever feel like im doing is playing a tutorial then when i get to the meat of the game im on the last miision or quest. if it werent for this one problem i would love linear rpg's and the stories they tell but as it is i always feel ripped off and cheated.


  • HomituHomitu Member UncommonPosts: 2,030

    I agree in general, but there are games that propose 2 solutions to this problem.   Games like Final Fantasy X and XII provide tons of more challenging optional content in the form of monster arena bosses, hunts and Espers.  Many of these potential fights are much more difficult than anything encountered in the primary storyline.  They're for people like you and me who like to build our characters to the max, unlocking all the secret items and abilities.  But of course completion of the main story shouldn't require the insane grind it takes to reach that level of power.  Not everyone wants to sped the time it takes to build their character up that much.  As such, extra challenges are provided in optional sidequest content.  


    The other solution I've encountered is the "new game+" feature found in games like Mass Effect or even the classic Chrono Trigger.  With this feature you get to play through the game again, beginning with all your money, items and abilities you acquired from your previous play-through.  Then there are games like Dragon Age, which have direct expansions where you can transfer your exact character over, including all of his/her gear, items, abilities and gold.  

  • ReklawReklaw Member UncommonPosts: 6,495

    Then don't play Linear rpg's image

    Elderscrolls series, TheWorlds1 and 2, Gothic series, Dragonsang, probebly some more then these just from the top of my head.

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