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Are You Having Fun?

blazin-aceblazin-ace Member Posts: 302

I was looking for a F2P game I hadn’t tried out as an off title to play while I subbed to something else or just waited for some of the end year releases.


Alganon won out over two other F2P MMORPGs because you can find the actual dollar costs of store credit and game items in the shop on the official site before having to join or download the client. The shop prices were affordable for my budget. The other games hid all shop prices from nonmembers and related complaints in their forums left me leery.


I am waiting to level more before investing in it. I have allotted a little over $5 in my game budget per month for Alganon. That should suffice for me to acquire a mount, level cap increase, and whatever else I might want over time if I stick with it. 


There are people playing but not many. The few I’ve encountered have been nice. It’s not uncommon to see someone wave to you in passing. Regional chat will come alive sporadically. The game has a small community charm right now I appreciate after playing WoW.


Account set up was simple enough. I like the My Alganon account profile page where you can see your GM tickets, services bought, etc. out of game by clicking on the proper tab. More games should do this. I am trying to figure out the social networking tools and the in game library is neat.


Playing is relaxed, in that I can do other things like snack on chips and slurp on a drink at the same time. Or type in chat a little. Graphically, it’s fine if not bleeding edge. The sound effects and ambient noise do the job. I have encountered a minor bug or two on occasion but nothing major or annoying.   


Right now, I am having fun playing and consider it a pleasant alternative in comparison to re-subscribing to WoW. I don’t know what the game was like at launch and I am surprised it’s not caught on more.


How about you? Are you having fun playing and what do you think of it? Anything sticking out?


Oh, I took screenshots to share if you are curious what it looks like in play for models, environments, and UI: ALBUM HERE.


PS: Yeah, I am worn out and too tired to do a full forum review without incentives. LOL. I am on vacation and recharging.


  • AmjocoAmjoco Member UncommonPosts: 4,858

    Hey good little write up! I too get into the game now and again. It is very fun to me and I like it because its not so hectic, no kids calling each other or their mothers names on the trade channel, and just in general it is very casual.

    I have played off and on for a while now and am hoping it will catch other players attention. In the grand scheme it seems more of an older crowds type of mmo than others I have played. You can't beat the price for the entertainment you can get from it either!

    Thanks for the screenshots too! :)

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  • pupurunpupurun Member UncommonPosts: 560

    i ve tried numerous times to play and enjoy Alganon but the main reason i never stayed was lag( I am an EU player).

    I can't wait till the new EU server opens up! I will definetely start playing and buy the Super Pack  !

    Alganon is exactly the type of game i need to relax and casually enjoy my summer evenings

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