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Star Wars: The Old Republic: E3 Alderaan Highlights Trailer

SBFordSBFord Former Associate EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 33,129

BioWare and LucasArts have released a new highlights video of the mission on Alderaan to guide players through one of several encounters players may face with their party in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Click the image below to watch the Alderaan Highlights trailer from E3 2011.




  • pete7729pete7729 Member UncommonPosts: 13

    I really wish they had only announced this game recenlty. I'm getting fed up with all these trailers and so on. Really can't wait for it though :)

  • fcazaresfcazares Member Posts: 190

    I was pretty dissapointed too. I was hoping for an update but this seemed like a last minute piece together of E3 gameplay, of which i have seen plenty of already.

  • Originally posted by fcazares

    I was pretty dissapointed too. I was hoping for an update but this seemed like a last minute piece together of E3 gameplay, of which i have seen plenty of already.

    it was actually suppose to be released during e3 but they had an issue and needed to delay it.

    StephenReid News and Announcements -> Battle for Alderaan Highlights Video


    Originally Posted by JediEwokFluff View Post

    They showed this at E3. They could have showcased something we haven't seen (in-depth PvP update?).

    Actually, while we showed Alderaan to various press outlets during E3, this is a different take on the same area.

    As I mentioned during E3, this update was planned to go out that week, but we had some issues that delayed it.

    We understand the insatiable demand for more information, but with our regular update schedule, it's inevitable that some weeks will be less info-heavy than others; we'll continue to deliver each week, regardless.

  • whilanwhilan Member UncommonPosts: 3,472

    For those that are curious i found this on Darth hater

    Unfortunately, due to the contents of the video and our prior dissection of the Gamespot demo, a full dissection is not possible. However, we notice few things that we decided to put up anyways. In the video two new single target crowd control abilities were seen, one each for the Consular and Smuggler. There was also a change to the effect of Smugglers Dirty Kick ability since the last time seen. If we notice any more well put together a media gallery.

    Link source here:

    Not huge updates but still some new things here and there.

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  • fcazaresfcazares Member Posts: 190

    I figured whatever they'd planned to put up this week was delayed as well. I wasn't expecting anything huge, I know the big ones will have advanced warning. I was just hoping for a little more, Im not all depressed or nerdraged over it but if Im honest, when the video was done I asked "Is that all?" Also, and this is a point of contention on TOR's forums, the little bit at the end where he said, and I am paraphrasing,  "to expereince it all play the game" could make anyone who wants to play it huff lol.

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