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Anarchy Online: Happy 10th Birthday

SBFordSBFord Former Associate EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 33,126

Funcom is celebrating the tenth anniversary of one of the first sci-fi MMOs ever created, Anarchy Online. To celebrate, the team has announced a new birthday raid, new in-game vehicles, clothes gear, pets, action figures and more.

And of course, no celebration would be complete without a grand party, and we’re featuring music from the founders of the world’s first virtual game radio. The combined efforts of Funcom, in-game volunteers and Gridstream Productions is going to bring it to you live with one of the biggest AO parties ever. Running over three days on two dimensions, this is the Anarchy event of the decade. The party starts this Friday, and a complete list of times can be found on the official site.

We hope you will join us for the party, and if you have not been to Rubi-Ka for a while we are certain that you have a lot of exciting new content to catch up on.

Read more about Anarchy Online's 10th Anniversary.




  • tachgbtachgb Member UncommonPosts: 791

    This was my first MMO I ever played closely followed by Dark Age of Camelot. Wonder what happened to the graphics update?

  • SaarosenSaarosen Member Posts: 18

    Yeah, thanks AO for reminding I DO feel old!

    One of my overall favorite games back then, and it still has much going for it as far as gameplay, the UI, and a social aspect far better than most MMO's today.

    I just wish they'd get to work on AO2, evolve the graphics to today's standards, but keep much of the game as it is. Then I'd bet that many of the old AO players that have moved on would want to come back to this world, and the rest of the Easy-Mode, bloody Win/Win MMOs be damned...:)


  • Ex0dUs101Ex0dUs101 Member UncommonPosts: 269

    Id be back to AO in a heartbeat if they gave it the love it deserves. Brilliant IP thats being left in a corner to slowly die.

    Still 10 years is a great achievement none the less, Happy Birthday AO!

  • kishekishe Member UncommonPosts: 2,012

    They were going to upgrade AO to use AoC's graphic engine but I guess the project was dropped since.

  • NarofNarof Member Posts: 18

    Ao with AOC graphics!!!  I would so play that again.

  • cerebrixcerebrix Member UncommonPosts: 566

    Originally posted by kishe

    They were going to upgrade AO to use AoC's graphic engine but I guess the project was dropped since.


    they are still working on it.  they decided to port to the dreamworld engine which set them way back.  now, dreamworld powers TSW, AOC, and soon, AO (hopefully).

    Games i'm playing right now...

    "In short, I thought NGE was a very bad idea" - Raph Koster talking about NGE on his blog at

  • DarkholmeDarkholme Member UncommonPosts: 1,212

    I still play my Froob account occasionally. There are just too many good MMOs out there that if I played all of the ones I enjoyed it's be an 80 hour a week career! 

    "Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places..." ~ H.P.Lovecraft, "From Beyond"

    Member Since March 2004

  • spookydomspookydom Member UncommonPosts: 1,782

    Happy Bday A.O. Thanks for all the good times! :)

  • AlienShoresAlienShores Member UncommonPosts: 79

    Yep always gonna be a special place in my heart for AO :)  Good times were had hehe.

    Bring us the graphics overhaul and I'll be right back in there with the rest of you.

  • My first MMO and I loved it. I'm among the long list of people who would go back in a heartbeat if they modernized it. An opportunity to make more money, Funcom! Make this your priority after TSW....PLEASE!! :)

  • Kaynos1972Kaynos1972 Member Posts: 2,316

    Happy 10th AO.  One of the greatest MMO i ever played, in my top 3 for sure.

  • CroeCroe Member Posts: 194

    This was my first "home" first game first guild, i miss it but honestly im a high lvl MP and they haven't done anything for the class in years!


    ~happy birthday AO

  • DatcydeDatcyde Member UncommonPosts: 561

    I still like AO you cant just stand there and feel diffrent.

  • HighttowerHighttower Member UncommonPosts: 19

    Yeah, Happy 10th B-Day AO. This was my first MMORPG. Very complicated game even for todays standards. I'm just waiting for the graphics update. I use to co-lead a clan called "Double Helix". back in the day. Great times!


    I wish I could be there for the Party. I hear Funcom knows how to throw an awesome RL party. Grats Funcom on keeping such a classic game in service!

  • Mr_SneakymanMr_Sneakyman Member UncommonPosts: 43

    Anarchy Online was/is a great game. AO biggest issue? Funcom!

    After interacting with Funcom's "Customer Service" on-and-off for most of a month I've become convinced that you must be brain-dead in order to work there. I download the AO game client about a month ago to see if I could get it to work in Linux. Somehow my tinkering got my IP blocked. "Simple" you say "just call customer service and straighten it out"  ... not likely. You see, Funcom has no call in support, so you can forget anything resembling a quick fix or quick support for any of their games. They do have something called Live Chat though! After the fifth time of asking them to help me I threw up my hands in utter surrender. The dizzy chicks that spawn on their Live Chat are very good at telling you "There is nothing I can do" and very bad at actually helping you.

    Then comes the mandatory emailing: Let's just say that after four emails to fix the most simple issue my final comment to customer service was "You must be high".

    I'll play AO again when they sell it to a company that knows how to treat their customers. By the looks of their long-term stock trend that should be any minute now.

    As far as there new game, "The Secret World", forget it. After their wow-clone's epic failure/lies I'd never spend another dime on Funcom.

  • HighttowerHighttower Member UncommonPosts: 19

    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience Mr Sneakyman. I actually ran AO using Cedega for a years.

    My Pic I took this a long time ago. It worked great!

    Most games/publishers don't have a "call-in" customer service. Just an email or an in-game que for help. A lot of my issues were found on troubleshoot on the forums. Most of the times it's the players that help eachother out by posting common problems on forums and sharing solutions.

    I'm looking forward to The Secret World, will it be perfect? Bug free, lag free, system incompatabilities? I'm sure they will have some issues, but the game concept alone has me sold to take a risk, yes a risk with Funcom. Good luck on you gaming ventures.


  • MahloMahlo Member UncommonPosts: 797

    I still think AO has the best skills/levelling system of any  MMO. The supposed graphics upgrade has become something of a joke though, unfortunately.

  • DarkholmeDarkholme Member UncommonPosts: 1,212

    Just got an email from Funcom, they gave my main account a free 14-day trial so I could attend the anniversary celebration! WooT! Damnit this may tempt me to resub... 

    "Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places..." ~ H.P.Lovecraft, "From Beyond"

    Member Since March 2004

  • guy232guy232 Member UncommonPosts: 346

    lol SWG dies and Anachry online lives on



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