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Remember roleplay threads? Does anyone do that anymore?

NeanderthalNeanderthal Member RarePosts: 1,861

Remember on game forums, especially develpment forums, when people would start roleplay threads with some little story and then other people would jump in and add to it?  I don't know if anyone ever does that anymore but sometimes I miss it.

I'm tempted to start one here to see if anyone would join in but the way it usually worked was that the game the forum was for provided the setting and here we have no specific setting to use. 

I think I'll start typing something and see what comes out.  Some odd fantasy world maybe.  I'll be deliberately vague and just drop some general ideas about the world and my character and then if others want to jump in and add to it or expand on it we could see what sort of world we end up with.

Ok, so let's see....


Edit: nevermind I deleted it.


  • just2duhjust2duh Member Posts: 1,290

     The ones that hardcore about roleplaying have more than likely moved to and taken over every internet dating site that's out there lol.

     Seriously, was convinced to try one, twice even.. no one is ever who they pretend to be on there lol.. ugh /self facepalm. It's like the ultimate domain for roleplayers.

  • HenchdwarfHenchdwarf Member UncommonPosts: 517

    i liked the idea of rping, but it always just seems to be the domain of sanctimonious windbags who drop walls of flowery text, but never to seem read anyone elses submissions.


    id much prefer games to try to add in rping within the mechanics of the game. i think multiple interesting preset factions are a start, take fallen earth for example.  they just have to actually serve a purpose, which many devs are still grappling with.  game mechanics need to reflect actually differences in the way factions are played, otherwise, rping will only ever be imaginary, and any in game rp artifice will just become another tool of intellectual classism.

  • raulaunraulaun Member Posts: 35

    Cruoris, if you are looking for something more, structured, per se, you should check out my site, it's an RP that plays like an RPG, I have no members yet, but i'm advertising all over the place, many guesty-fishes are coming and going.


  • SirAoSSirAoS Member Posts: 203
    You should check out a browser text based game. it's been around since 1997 and still lives. The inn is where the roleplaying lives and since I was a kid, I've had many fond memories of nights creating great story's with great people. Epic experiences really. You should really check the game out. You can even upload a picture of your character on there
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