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Pokemon: The Middles Ages, a forum RP

Pokemon: The Middle Ages!

PMARP is a brand-new Pokemon-themed roleplay forum. It is unlike traditional Pokemon in many ways, and sets itself apart from the streamline community with innovative features, systems and themes! The roleplay is set in a midieval-steampunk era with magic and politics!

Notable Features:

-This RP is for ages 13 and up! Please do not join if you are under thirteen! Maturity is highly encouraged, but we are here to have fun!

-Enter an island nation, the Ghosu region, on the brink of chaos, with beautiful, creepy and forgotten locations beset by an evil tyrant of  unknown origin corrupting the

native Pokemon and turning them into savage beasts to terrorize the populace.

-This roleplay is conducted via moderation, and is not freeforum. Example:

Player(You) posts topic, entering a new region.

Mod(Staff*) posts in the topic, telling you about your surroundings, any information you need, or an encounter. Your first battle can be thrilling!

-Chatbox! Yes, you can talk to other people. It is located on the bottom of the page. Drop in and chat!

-You can be a human, Pokemon**, or Pokemorph, more on Pokemorphs later in the list.

-There are no Pokeballs, and Pokemon have minds of their own, and can speak in either Pokespeak, or english.

-Detailed progression, stats and more! You can advance in level by defeating your enemies, in a way, this roleplay almost feels like an RPG! Pokemon can learn and use moves based on the moves they learn in Pokemon Black/White. Humans can learn or be proficient with magic aswell.

-Death. You can die if you do something blatantly unwise, though you would need an incredible turn of bad luck. Player death is judged, and the next character you create gets

your old character's items, and half of your old Pokemon's level. This can also be useful if you wish to restart as a new Pokemon you thought was too weak in the beginning!

-Accomodation for all levels of skill. If you can read the rules, understand them and follow them, then you are set! If you are confused, our patient staff* will be there to help you!

-A Pokemorph is a combination of a human and Pokemon, allowing for yet another amazing amount of detail! Pokemorphs have less affinity for magic, though they can learn low-tiered spells. Morphs learn Pokemon moves like any other Pokemon, using the same list as the Pokemon they are fused with. A morph can be created in many ways, but you must add

how you became one when creating your character, or become one as you progress. Morphs can also evolve.

*We are under-staffed currently, and are looking for experienced, active and literate staff members, PM me on PMARP for more information.

**You may not be a legendary Pokemon, this includes ones with genders such as Latios and Latias, though, if you are lucky enough to befriend or enslave and morph with one as a human, then so be it.


  • ozmonoozmono Member UncommonPosts: 1,211

    Sounds interesting. I love more structured forum roleplays such as these but unfortunately I know very little about pokemon and I don't have much interest in changing that. That said I wish you the best of luck with it.

  • raulaunraulaun Member Posts: 35

    Thanks! It's a brand new forum, and we only have a few registered members, but if anyone wants to give it a try, drop by in the chatbox at the bottom of the page.

  • raulaunraulaun Member Posts: 35

    Anyone interested? We are getting many new members trickling in.

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