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DC Universe - Keys and Invites



  • OssilOssil Member UncommonPosts: 14

    I would love to try this game if anybody has a spare buddy key?


    Thank you!

  • cybert2k2cybert2k2 Member UncommonPosts: 10

    can someone send me a buddy key please



  • SintrixSintrix Member UncommonPosts: 52

    I would love a buddy key if someone has one to spare.

  • Omega431Omega431 Member UncommonPosts: 92

    I would really appreciate a trial key.  If anyone has some extras.

  • xacebopxacebop Member UncommonPosts: 93
    been weeks and still haven't gotten one.. if anyone has an extra one id REALLY appreciate trying the game out before i drop $50...

    my email is xacebop@gmail.com

    Thank You in advance.
  • cippalippacippalippa Member UncommonPosts: 108

    Looking for a trial key for the PC version, i'm curious about it but .... well a good person could send it through mail so i can see myself :)



  • FailTrailFailTrail Member Posts: 3

    Can I also get a key please? It would be greatly appreciated.

    rotten_cotton@yahoo dot com

  • zhandaozhandao Member Posts: 46

    Looking for a trial key, zhandao@gmail.com.  Just re-read Kingdom Come and now I've got such an urge to play this game.

  • RadioMaryjaRadioMaryja Member UncommonPosts: 123

    edited.nvm, got one already :)


  • trastloltrastlol Member UncommonPosts: 4

    Hello, looking for a trial/buddy key! Would appreciate it a lot!



    Thanks in advance!


  • LevarkLevark Member UncommonPosts: 18

    i would love one rmoscovitz@gmail.com

  • glordglord Member UncommonPosts: 338

    Would love to try roleplaying here.



  • nerrollusnerrollus Member Posts: 214

    Never mind ...  Looks like they've got a free trial now.

  • PiprinPiprin Member Posts: 4

    Anyone have a spare buddy key? Would like to try this game a bit without plonking down the 30-40 bucks.

  • LimerXLimerX Member Posts: 2

    any can give me a buddy key:D? Thanks  alot

  • kartanakartana Member UncommonPosts: 148

    It would be awesome if anyone had a buddy/trial key for me.



  • brozillabrozilla Member Posts: 1

    Could i get  a Buddy Key Please?

    My e-mail address is tektron@gmail.com

  • biga308biga308 Member Posts: 1

    Any Buddy Keys left by chance? Really been wanting to try it but have see so much negative posts. This way I wouldnt have to buy it. :)


  • HenkepenkeHenkepenke Member Posts: 1

    Id love a buddy key if there are any left so i could make a nice little showcase video for my Youtube channel

    http://www.youtube.com/user/MrHankySpank - A Comment, Like, Favourite or Subscribe would mean the world to me!

    For teh lulz

  • SotarikSotarik Member UncommonPosts: 5

    hi can someone send me a key please.  ....  stich.pavel@seznam.cz     ... thanks

  • can anyone plz send me a buddy invite?

  • mkasumkasu Member UncommonPosts: 16

    I'd also love a trial/buddy key! mmorpg@mkasu.org

    Thx in advance!

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  • TalthanysTalthanys Member Posts: 458

    After 24 pages I understand the chances of their being a buddy key is likely gone, but in the event I am wrong, I'd like to request one. Thank you!


  • Vi3tKiloVi3tKilo Member CommonPosts: 4

    Anyone mind mailing me a buddy key to vi3tl3g3nd@yahoo.com?


    If possible, three to four would be lovely, due to the fact that I have other friends that're highly interested in playing DCUO! We all might buy the game but would like to try it out first.

  • kartanakartana Member UncommonPosts: 148

    Did anyone here ever get a buddy key?

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