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This will save FFXIV

DatcydeDatcyde Member UncommonPosts: 564

Whoop there it is!


Best new feature!

pull out  the sword pull out the sword !



  • odinsrathodinsrath Member UncommonPosts: 814

    i dont get it..

    guess im missing somekind of inside joke


  • DatcydeDatcyde Member UncommonPosts: 564

     I ran into the video on youtube and I thought omg its like those huge sheep you can kill in ffxiv and thought hmm introduce huge cows! I felt like pulling out my sword at that moment......

  • DatcydeDatcyde Member UncommonPosts: 564

    I know I know this post is a bit silly but ohnestly what I think will save the FFXIV slot is a remake using FF7 style

    emagine that............ heal the wounds of many + make an awsome kick ass mmo with fantasy + scifi mmo that would be

    sweet dont you guys think ?


    Other then that this is kinda off topic SE didnt even make a remake of FF7 but they worked on this ridiculous mmo which is FFXIV thinking financialy it makes sense but a FF7 remake  would make more sense or even MMO.

  • DragonantisDragonantis Member UncommonPosts: 974

    The best classics in the world should NOT be remade, FFVII is perfect how it is :)

    As for the OP topic, lawl nice joke XD

    I do agree that an mmo based on the theme of FFVII or FFVIII would be a very welcome sight, since FFXIV didnt meet any expectations and still wont for some time.

    At least we still have FFXI :)

  • DatcydeDatcyde Member UncommonPosts: 564

     Well most FF7 fans wanted a sequel to FF7 since the game was so good.

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