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game is still going strong i just sub

punkrockpunkrock Member Posts: 1,777

come and join in i just got this game and sub. there is still alot of pvp/war and people are very nice and its very easy to level up


  • MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,196

    Yea, game is still full of life. 

  • ReizlaReizla Member RarePosts: 4,092

    I resubbed for a month earlier this year myself and thought at the time it was a waste of money - game looked quite dead at the time.

    A bit over a week ago I resubbed again (after a city trip with a char on a trial account) and found that the server (EU) is far more alive than it was earlier this year. So I resubbed and was amazed with the activity all over the server.

    With my WS (68 at the time) I was able to find a good & stable clan and gain a few levels already. In the fields I see enough other players of around my level, telling me that L2 is still doing well. I realize that most players already have all subs they can have and their main will be 85 and thus elsewhere.

    If you make whole a new char, don't expect lots of players around your level. Up to Gludio you won't see many players at all. But if you follow the questlines from the Newbee Player Guide, it'll take you a couple of hours to hit Gludio. From there you'll see more and more players of your level and start to get an occasional party. Don't expect often parties till about level 50 though...

  • HoplitesHoplites Member CommonPosts: 463

    Yeah  I didn't expect to receive the lag spikes when entering Giran, but I did, so that was a pleasant surprise?!

  • RingsideRingside Member UncommonPosts: 249

    I just bought 2 accounts im a total noob... i started on the EU server even tho im from Canada i hope i will still find people to farm with

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