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EQ: SOE revised raid policy



  • bezadobezado Member UncommonPosts: 1,127

    Originally posted by sirphobos

    Originally posted by bezado

    Originally posted by sirphobos

    Kind of funny all the people posting in this thread don't know that nearly every EQ raid that has came out since 2003 has been instanced.  Basically no raid content in EQ is instanced these days.

    Open raids have nothing to do with EQ declining in popularity.  EQ took its first big hit in terms of losing subscribers during Gates of Discord, which was after EQ had switched to an instanced raid model.

    Nice of you to resurect and reply to a thread 2 years later like it was just made yesterday. image

    Umm, no I didn't....

    Sorry was meant for another thread, had multiple posts open.

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