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What Kind of game is this??????

teme69teme69 Member Posts: 39
What kind of game is this. Is this like WoW. Or is this like GW. Or mix of both????????image

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  • FiaraaFiaraa Member Posts: 7

    Considering the games you just tried to compare it toimageimage, I think this game would be a little too harsh for you.

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  • Edward78Edward78 Member Posts: 245

    It is a truely open pvp, city building/sieging, & political MMORPG, sadly the game is dieing, the company did a poor job at building the game, & didn't listen to the community. It realy could have been something.

  • Dregard44Dregard44 Member Posts: 103

    It's a half dead one :)

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  • SetekhSetekh Member Posts: 67
    Blah, don't run around dooming the game. Sure the population is low...but its just because people go around telling people its dead. I started a new character last week, and without hooking up with any friends I haven't had to be or hunt alone once yet. Plenty of new blood because of summer and the Oblivion xpac. Do yourself a favor and try this game... I can't argue that we need more players, but honestly the game is amazing. Unless you are a "WoWzerz" then, like stated above... you suck move along.
  • HonkieHonkie Member Posts: 152

    It's a (mostly) skill based pvp game, in a harsh and sometimes brutal environment where you may find yourself in pvp at any given time.  The only truly "safe" areas are the 3 safe zones, and newbie island (most leave this at level 10, when you promote from your base class of fighter/mage/rogue/healer, but you can stay higher...20 is where you cannot return if you leave, and leveling will be slow at that point anyhow).

    You have the freedom to adjust so many things about your character, unlike those unmentionable level based games.  You can adjust your stats, your skills, your focus lines, and decide what type of enchantments you want on your gear (still have to aquire it though).

    The graphics are not up to the standards of current releases, admittedly.  They aren't particularly horrid, but not downright beautiful as many games that are coming out now seem to be.

    Give it a shot, if you think you can handle the possiblity of open pvp regardless of if you want it or not.  Regardless of if the other person wants it or not, too, hehe.


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