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Prime: Battle for Dominus

MoodsorMoodsor Member UncommonPosts: 703

Now this is what im talking about, Hero Engine, 3 factions, World PvP, gonna keep an eye on this!



  • RaxeonRaxeon Member UncommonPosts: 2,250

    yep : )

  • UknownAspectUknownAspect Member Posts: 277

    Wow, looks like a pretty decent offering to the MMO-verse.  Good luck to them.

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  • RaxeonRaxeon Member UncommonPosts: 2,250

    now if they just get some forums up

  • JoekraJoekra Member Posts: 182

    Forums are up on the 20th ! They seem to have a really quick public cycle from alpha to announce to beta to release all in this year.

  • F2Pelerin118F2Pelerin118 Member UncommonPosts: 124

    I'm really looking forward to this game, it's cool that the official forums will be up on the 20th - but I'm hoping it'll get listed here on soon. Also I agree it's pretty amazing they're going from announcing the game to release in 2011, I've read comments from alot of people who Alpha tested and they "generally" had good things to say. (but they only really tested the engine)

    I'm keen to help test when the time comes and I really hope the game gathers the attention it needs and people support it, there are alot of features here people on this site and all over have been asking for.

  • BeermanglerBeermangler Member UncommonPosts: 402

    I don't want to sound picky (specially after just being warned, har har... ), but the races remind me of starcraft races :)

    Better to be crazy, provided you know what sane is...

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