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Radar is closing hellu lot of threads

Rifle123Rifle123 Member UncommonPosts: 38

Haven't seen this kind of forum Nazi'ing since the NGE (seriously).  EVERY  complaint thread is being closed.  The usuall reason is because there is a duplicate thread somewhere.  On the PS3 side RadarX is half-heartingly thanking them for their feedback as he closes the thread.  Feedback?? LOL  They're flat out bitching and Radar is thanking them for it!!

We won't even talk about them closing threads dealing with exploits that Google would confirm are in the wild.

Lots of other examples where those came from.

If nothing else, I do hope that this is the LAST time SOE is given the responsibility and privilage of developing for an established IP.  Buyer Beware.


*EDIT* Typo


  • BeaumanBeauman Member UncommonPosts: 142

    Not shocked at all. I officially uninstalled the game the day after Update 3.

    I'm done. Not even for the free time will I give SOE another chance again.

    How the heck do you mangle both a Star Wars AND a DCU license for MMOs like this?

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