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Bloody hell

JimudJimud Member Posts: 252
how long has MU online been in beta?!?!? i think they should just let people play it as a free game now its been in beta for over 1 or 2 years.on the webby sum where it says it mite become p2p but i doubt that will ever happen because NO 1 will play becuae of private servers.Will this game ever come out of beta??


  • kakashi59kakashi59 Member Posts: 17
    I don't thing so, since Webzen are busy producing SUN at the moment, I don't think they can be bothered to put much more work into MU. Bear in mind that the new worlds that have just been released were actually MADE ages ago - it's just that now, Webzen have decided to enable access to these features. With private servers around anyway, what's the point of it going full?
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