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Looking for PVP based game

bigcrackerbigcracker Member UncommonPosts: 86

I am looking for a game that is Pvp and group heavy.Currently i play eve online and need something to run while i am droning out millions of asteroids and such.Also big things here i would like it to be free and not a Asian grind fest.


  • VenDyneVenDyne Member Posts: 51


    For PvP I can recommend Aika Global since you seem to like group PvP. That game can do hundreds versus hundreds in relic raids. It's also F2P and quest based on most levels.

    Also, WoW can be a good choice too. There's a reason why it's that popular.

    I also played PW for a while, and the duel system there is fun. It's very grindy though.

    ...those are IF you're looking for an MMORPG. You can try the many FPS MMOs too, and a lot of PC games today have online multiplayer. My little bro plays Bad Company 2, and it looks fun. I'm not that in to FPS' though.

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  • tomyzrtomyzr Member UncommonPosts: 7

    Try Perpetuum Online, if you like EVE you will most likely like this one too.

  • RabbiFangRabbiFang Member Posts: 149

    Free PvP MMOs:


    Perfect World International

    Global Agenda Free Agent

    APB: Reloaded (loads of fun)

    Black Prophecy (twitch based space shooter MMO) - open PvP only in some sectors, but it is a PvP based game. 

  • TheLizardbonesTheLizardbones Member CommonPosts: 10,910

    Global Agenda is now free, though I'd recommend the 1 time boost purchase (I think it's $19.99). Up to level 10 is an open world shooter/MMO. At level 10 you can enter the PvP matches (and PvE instances) through a sign up system. After level 18 that's how you level is doing Missions (PvE) and Mercenary Missions (PvP).

    There is not much "world" to the game though. I get by playing without worrying about the auction house and without worrying about being in an Agency (guild) etc. Though there is that stuff if you want to participate.

    I've enjoyed the game and spent many hours there between other stuff. You can pick it up and put it down when you want.

    Another option is 'World of Tanks', which I'm playing now. I have two friends playing and they've gotten to Tier 5 and Tier 8 without spending any money at all. It's a very different kind of PvP that other games I've played. It is a bit slower and much more tactical. I'm having fun at Tier 1. I've heard Tier 4 is a grind, but my friend at Tier 5 didn't seem to think so at all. You can also purchase higher tiered tanks (but not the highest tier of tanks, you have to play to get there). Most people seem to purchase stuff to get over humps in tiering up.

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  • CallsignVegaCallsignVega Member UncommonPosts: 288

    Age of Conan has awesome PvP and it is going free to play shortly. They are also simultaneously launching a brand new PvP server for everyone to start fresh on. 

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