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Aion-like flexibility in character customisation!



  • AlotAlot Member Posts: 1,948

    Originally posted by sonoggi

    Originally posted by BobTheTank

    No offense to Arenanet, but their characters don't really look all that detailed, so I don't latency will be a huge issue.


    i disagree, i think the characters are very detailed, especially the armor and weapons.

    Well, armor and weapons look superb, the male bodies also look very detailed from time to time. But the thing is that faces (especially the female ones), which we would consider pretty, aren't really detailed. There was ofcourse the face of a female warrior with spreckles which was very nicely done. 

  • EricDanieEricDanie Member UncommonPosts: 2,238

    Originally posted by VaultFairy

    Originally posted by sketchy_

    So this is what we'll see in GW 2....

    awsm... -.-

    LMAO! I remember seeing wierd creatures running around like that, makes me laugh.

    So if you see someone like this in real life you'll just call him a creature?


    Anyway, I just hope they don't make it so it is a benefit to have a small character. Sure, even in Aion being small doesn't mean you won, it just means you won't be as easily clickable in a crowd or outside of tab range.

  • bookworm438bookworm438 Member Posts: 647

    From what the interview sounded like, ArenaNet wants to find a middle ground. They want more customization that in Guild Wars 1, and they are using Aion as a model. However, they don't want you to be able to customize every individual feature down to your character's Iris.

    As for the issue of customization being paid or not:

    Initial customization is a feature. It should automatically be included in the price of the game. However, character REcustomization is  not a necessary feature. It's a luxury feature, so therefore they charge for it. Now I definitely agree with charging for recustomization in Guild Wars case as there is no monthly fee. I don't think it should cost $9.99. Maybe $4.99 for a make-over, $6.99 for a complete customization including gender/name change. Maybe with the release of each expansion, Anet could include 1 token of recustomization or whatever they call. Just a thought.

  • dinamsdinams Member Posts: 1,362

    ugly and deformed are people too! lol

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  • InFlamestwoInFlamestwo Member Posts: 662

    Originally posted by steeler989

    Time for tiny bodies and HUGE heads!!! lol

    They won't allow these kind of customization.


  • eye_meye_m Member UncommonPosts: 3,317

    I am so glad to hear that there will be somewhat extensive character customization.

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  • KillyoxKillyox Member CommonPosts: 424

    Tbh aion creation options were too customizable. You could make total abberations that had no right of existing and that imo wasnt right. I hope you cant do stuff as stupid as you could in aion.

  • kittyvonkitakittyvonkita Member Posts: 75

    Aion is much more cartoony than GW2 will be. I'm guessing (and hoping!) that gw2 doesn't have the option to make your character as silly as you can in aion. 

  • KillyoxKillyox Member CommonPosts: 424

    Originally posted by Sovrath

    Originally posted by Renoaku

    I mean look at World OF Warcraft I do not play their games anymore only due to the fact that I do not like most the recent changes, but they are one of the first I saw to give free character Customization changes, and then other MMO companies started to see this like DarkFall got a Barber Shop that allows customization changes, and then Quite a few other MMO which I have played like Global Agenda, S4 League, STO, Second Life, and a lot of other MMO allow you to change your appearance for free without having to spend any real money, although they do offer items in the cash shop they do not restrict me to wearing one type of appearance all the time, even Black Propechy allows you to go back and customize, but Eve Online doesn't and that is a reason if I play a space game I am going with Black Propechy or something else.

    Point of note, Blizzard charges for $15 for character customization.

    Not including applicable taxes.

    Did you even read his post? Character customization in form of barber shop etc.


    What you say is pretty much that you can switch from male to female and custom fqace and other parts but minor customs are free of charge in form of barber shop.


    As to other poster, blizzard didnt do this first lol. This has been for years before wow in games like ultima online etc.

  • fiontarfiontar Member UncommonPosts: 3,682

    GW2 is using the character creation technology from Aion. That is a very good thing.

    As I read between the lines, I think the the developers will use the tech, but will likely be a little more limiting in how extreme some of the sliders may be. Allowing players a lot of tweaking, with out ruining the aesthetic of the game.

    In Aion, with a recent update, character creation is even more extreme than it was at launch. To the point of silliness, if you ask me. I'm all for choice, but at some point the overly extreme can start to detract from the game for others.

    I trust that GW2 will find the middleground.

    BTW, one great thing about the Aion tech is that even with very extreme body types, the morphing of the armor to the body was almost always great. No clipping issues or other problems. The system really is the current gold standard for character customization, but it's up to devs using the tech to asure that proper limits are in place to preserve the intended artistic look for the game.

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