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Futuristic Racing MMORPG? Any help please. Member Posts: 2


So basically I'm looking for a MMORPG that fuses WipeOut / F-Zero X style futuristic racing with standard MMORPG features such as class systems, PvP, Social interaction. If anyone knows of a MMORPG that fits this description or even if one may be in development then any info & help you can provide me would be awesome.

Thankyou for your time!


  • Xero_ChanceXero_Chance Member Posts: 519

    The only racing MMO worth mentioning is Need For Speed Online. It's actually a pretty impressive game even though it gets repetitive after awhile because all you do is race. Driving around the city in free mode, attracting police, and seeing if you can lose them is pretty fun, but the whole thing loses it's novelty after a few days. It's not exactly futuristic, but one of those doesn't even exist yet.

    Other than that, while I played I didn't notice any major balance issues with the cash shop that couldn't be surpassed with a little player skill and practice. All around it's a pretty stable game even if it's a bit narrow. But that's to be expected with a game that all you do is race. The lag isn't even very bad and only effects the locations of other racers during the race sometimes. The only reason I'm not still playing it is because I'm not really a huge fan of racing games, but this one might be right up your alley.

  • Member Posts: 2

    Hey man thanks for your reply!

    the funny thing is I'm not really a fan of car racing either but there is something different about games like WipeOut / F Zero X y'know? I knew I'd be asking for too much haha! it'd be awesome to have classes and agencies or garages for guilds. Race with your agencies money, compete in big tournaments, make a name for yourself in the rankings... man i wish i had the resources to make this game happen!! even on a low level

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