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Noobie questions

BTrayaLBTrayaL Member UncommonPosts: 624

I started to play seriously, and after some hard grinding days, I accumulated almost 2000 tokens. I have long finished all the desert missions, and a whole bunch of Mercenary/SpecOps, bringing me to lvl 23.

My questions revolve mainly around currency and how to get it.

          1. As a free agent, I've seen that none of the PvE missions give loot (that rolls only for Elite and Bonus).

How can I equip myself, and how can I hope to ever, ever equip an epic weapon?

Beside farming hundreds of mobs for a green gun (done it already), is there another way to get drops?

I can't auction my green-hard-earned guns, because I can't use the Auction, ("look but don't touch", this is a dumb restriction in my point of view, even for a free agent), so the money situation is pretty bleak.

          2. Why can I see epic/blue/green weapons on auction, but I can't see what modifiers they have? Is this a "pay for a surprise" kind of system?



  • kazlolkazlol Member Posts: 2

    There really isn't much you can do as a free agent and honestly to save yourself a lot of time you should probably just buy elite status, you could even get a 1 month boost or something and if you use a coupon code you get 30% off both.

    When i made a free agent account the only tokens i could get was from an AvA win as all other normal methods took forever. It seems really stupid that it costs tokens to get the green and blue gear though :S

    I guess the auction house thing is intended and i don't really know how it works, but i was able to pick up a HHP adrenaline gun for 80k and was able to sell it for 600k, so it could be random or there might just be dumb people :P

  • DrunkWolfDrunkWolf Member RarePosts: 1,701

    Think of the free to play like a long free trial, if u really want to equip your characters you need to purchase the game. I have a thread on here with a bunch of codes for 30% off if u need.

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