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Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures: May Development Update

The Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures team have released the May version of the Monthly Development Update amid the two major announcements made last week; AoC's new Free to Play option and the new adventure pack. Check out what they have to say, now that May is almost over.

Fall Update – The Savage Coast of Turan

This update will feature a new area for players to explore along the coast of the Vilayet Sea, including new raid content, new solo and team dungeons, a new ACG as well as the overland content. There will be a lot of great content to enjoy in the adventure pack. The city of Ardashir provides a brilliantly epic backdrop against which you will discover a twisting tale of intrigue, betrayal, blood sacrifice and one of the foes that came closest to killing Conan himself!

Read more at the Official Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures website.



  • HeretiqueHeretique Member RarePosts: 1,504

    Sounds good, glad to have AOC "re-launching" so to speak.

  • MegasStarMegasStar Member UncommonPosts: 16

    If they will pot Sige s forr free yea will be good if no Game will be still dead because players will get bored .

  • tachgbtachgb Member UncommonPosts: 791

    Blood and Glory PVP server - This is a brand new PVP server type aimed at a more hardcore audience, it will most likely go live at the same time, or just after the release update for the free to play offer.


    Smacking my lips right now... :p

  • toljartoljar Member UncommonPosts: 166

    Blood and glory has been promised to use for over 3 months and still nothing has come of it. They said it would be up and running at the end of may now it is getting pushed back until the FTP comes out. Now I'm not against it, as that is just more lambs to the slaughter but I feel that when they dish out time lines like they have been doing they should really stick to them.

    This BnG server is pretty much the last hope for alot of us PvP people as the rest of the server are so ill populated. The cross server pvp is also somthing that should have been implemented a long time ago with the mini games. I still have faith in AoC and Conan I just hope the brings it back to its former glory.

    IRONFIST Gaming community

  • FaynthFaynth Member Posts: 237

    As long as the PvP levels and AA tree advantages are not grouped in minis and have so much impact on the win chance, this server will not be diffrent.

    You know what 1 good PvP10 + Maxed AA does to 10 PvP5 people ? yeah he just smokes them...

  • mCalvertmCalvert Member CommonPosts: 1,283

    I have to give them creadit for finally giving us at least a few things people have been demanding. I dont beleive it is enough to save the game, but if they continue to make positive changes, then who knows.

  • FaynthFaynth Member Posts: 237

    not to be missunderstood, AoC is currently my most liked mmo. been off to rift but actualy nothing compares to AoC at the moment.

    Still thers a alot of balancing issues that they still work on with a sledgehammer... generalized updates to CC's that fix one or two issues , raising up like 10 others since in other classes the same effect stuff has a totaly diffrent use, rendring most of them useless :P...

    They still come across as if they dont quite finish thinking before acting.

    But with the DX10 running like a charm now, well thats a thumb up. Also most of the stability issues gone the game is all over enjoyable, if there was not... maybe its just me, its like a hair in the soup where other games have  wigs in their soup.

  • sazabisazabi Member UncommonPosts: 389

    now i dont care about limited areas or slower exp rate, but the limited classes for f2p players is really pushing me away.

    unless they put some kind of system for free players to grind some kind of points (something like turbine points for lotro or ddo or even league of legends) to buy atleast specific parts of gameplay... i dont see this f2p thing as more than a freakin extended trial... which is... useless to raise the sales.

    if i try and i like it ill fucking buy it.

    if i cant try most of early things before buying... sry, but thats a damn scam.

  • FaynthFaynth Member Posts: 237

    as i understand it you could as well buy it cheap for 1 month then go f2p and keep your class.

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