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LF a social game ... sorta.

Electra020Electra020 Member Posts: 3

I play several different games, all different but right now I'm finding it quite hard to find a MMO where i can sitting around talking to randoms and still go off kill monsters. Any suggestions?


  • WarzodWarzod Member UncommonPosts: 459

    Really depends on the nature of your social request. I mean you could enjoy a lot of great people in a game like Free Realms where it is all about hanging out and then running off to bonk a few mobs. On the other hand one could get just as much chatter in WoW's Stormwind or The Barrens if one was not too particular about the type of conversation or people. Give us all a little more to go on and I am sure we can find a place you will enjoy.

  • matrixvsmatrixvs Member Posts: 179

    think thats prettymuch what every mmo "vet" has.

    i my self am bored as hell atm got nothing to play (mmo, fps etc.).

    think i know why coz i got a high standard i dont mind f2p games dont mind p2p games.but it seems mmos are more and more of re-runs of other games or there are too little differences. not to mention itemmalls popping up like a huge infection and killing games by the unfairness of it.


    as far as ur question cant help u there but will be looking if its something for me what ever ppl reply to it.

  • SirAoSSirAoS Member Posts: 203

    Well i'm sure there is alot of MMOs out there quite like that ATM. Right now im playing Warhammer and FFXiV. And FFXiV so far seems like no one really talks public. Conversation is dead in that game really. (atleast on the server i play on)

    Warhammer on the other hand is full of talking. I couldnt tell you to much about the game as i just started playing it not so long ago. But from my exeperience so far with WAR is that, the game is based around players being interative, and interactive i have been and everyone else with one another. The public quest have been really fun and the RVR is really fun. It is a beautiful world and the armor is amazing looking. The game had a bad rap awhile back from some problems but i can tell you they've worked alot of them out. I play Order (don't know what destruction side is like) But i find some conversation in the city of altdorf. Great feel in the city too. Like the npcs put on plays for npc crowds and what not. Tier 1 is endless free trial so its free to play as long as you want (p2p after tier 1 if you so desire to advanced passed)

    You might enjoy it. Would be nice to see more people joining up again

    Oh but as far as PVE content. like raiding. you might want to find people like me in that game whom is actually intrested in it

  • GhavalGhaval Member UncommonPosts: 49

    Dark Age of Camelot is not a bad game for the socal aspect. Good housing, crafters still in demand.  I truley enjoy that game.

  • Electra020Electra020 Member Posts: 3

    I know a lot  are MADE to be social and kill but a lot don't have any real people that come on and have a chat while killing a few hundred monsters to make it interesting instead of  turning on 'auto mode'. I' m just really looking for a game that has people on it 24/7 and like to talk and kill monsters.

  • ChokolotiChokoloti Member Posts: 9

    personally i recommend Mabinogi. Lots of people tto talk to and plenty of things to do that involve socializing with others

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