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Freezing in SW

CariannaCarianna Member Posts: 1

Like most of you, i have had plenty of issues with freezing in SWC. At first i thought it was my computer (an 11" mac book air) yes, i know most of you would be saying meh serves you right for trying to play on such a weak computer, however when you upgrade from a 2g with slow processing power and an intergraded memory and graphics card to a 15" mac book pro with 8g, a quad processor, i core 7 and 1 gig on the graphics card alone, i hardly feel that the computer is at fault.. especially when it's been named in the top 10 for gaming computers (they say you should be able to play with 2g) yeh right!!!

The problems i experienced included the obvious freezing, lagging and then having to reboot the entire computer only to be constantly kicked out and not being even being able to step foot in SW before it freezing again. At one time it took 40 minutes to log back in and had to find a way (when quiet and not alot of traffic) to fly out into another city. I was soo bloody frustrated, especially when getting to the higher lvls. For those of you who are in a similar situation i started going to the AH in ironforge (not as many people there and no freezing). Some people in my guild mentioned it was my internet connection and others said it was my computer.. both which i researched extensively so it would not happen again. I even lowered the graphic from good to fair and still nothing.

I recently sent an email to Blizzard telling them of this problem as it not fair for paying customers to have to deal with this un necessary freezing and am yet to receive a reply

The new computer handles WOW much better and if it freezes in SW at least i can access it much faster without waiting forever to re-enter although IT SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING.


  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,610

    i dont have any issues with WoW on my gaming desktop. Also tried it on my 11" alienware m11x(R1) and dont have any issues either, anywhere... the only issue i have is only on my desktop and it seems to be my router and my netgear crappy network adapter that keeps stopping pulling the internet while the crappy belkin router keeps acting weird and disconecting my desktop when playing... Other than that, WoW and every other mmo run like a charm with no game issues

  • jusomdudejusomdude Member RarePosts: 2,706

    I've crashed in orgrimmar once or twice since cata but it's been fine besides that.

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