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Customizable Skills?

I was looking into buying a new MMO game and I've been through quite a few so far (aion, gw, wow, conan, lotro, ddo...).

This game looked pretty cool, but was wondering if there was any good customizable options for your skills. Does it have attributes or talent trees that you can customize to your preference or is it more of a "buy the skill that's it" kinda thing?

Thanks in advance :D


  • KarahandrasKarahandras Member UncommonPosts: 1,703

    If you haven't tried it yet maybe ryzom would be to your liking, you can muck about with the skills there quite a lot

  • GankaliciousGankalicious Member Posts: 35

    There is an unlimited play for free trial which will give you the flavor of the game and currently is the best option. There is a bit of an upheaval in the player base at the moment with a lot of veterans (myself included) moving on. That doesn't mean you can't have some fun and I would reccomend it for a trial. Its is good, non-stop rvr (pvp) fun.

    If pve is your thing, don't bother. No one pve's in the game and those zones are deserted for the most part. As for customizing your skills each class has 3 trees to mix and match but after awhile, like in most games, you will find there really is only a couple that work well. For most classes I found there really was only the choice between 2 trees. The other was just too useless in pvp to consider.

    For instance the Engineer really only uses grenade spec, though some prefer rifle, and no one uses the third. Rune Priests can dps but it's a joke, really, so all of them single-target heal (as other classes do the group heal).


    There is an active, passionate blogging community still talking WAR- you can go to Warhammer Alliance to check out the forums (but there is a lot of negative talk there atm) or you can still find some good WAR blog's off my blogroll (shameless plug) but be warned, my latest post is a bit of a WAR-rant (and I usually avoid rants). Ignore it and check out some of the other guys who are still liking the game!


    Free play= why not. I still have my free account for when I get the urge and you'll never have population problems in T1.


    Edit- Should have clarified that the tree skills come very slowly, and over time. You don't have much of a choice while you are levelling up really. There are two ranks systems- class rank, and renown rank.


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  • kittyvonkitakittyvonkita Member Posts: 75

    Oh, okay thanks for the info :D

  • SwaneaSwanea Member UncommonPosts: 2,400

    This game COULD bring a lot of people back if it was ftp with a cash shop like other games lately.  I'm guessing they are just milking until TOR hits to turn it off.

    You can customize your traits and Renown skills in this game, that's about it.

  • jawalijawali Member UncommonPosts: 195

    this game could bring some more players if more than 2 ppl were working on it....They really should add 3rd playable side of the conflict and release some real expansion. Going f2p+cashshop in pvp based game may be a big fail (what should they sell in such cs? weapons and armors= p2w and "cosmetic stuff" may be not enough). Imo b2p (GW style) would be the best option, but it seems to be too late for this.

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