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New Sorting Catagories ont he game's list

FifthPegasusFifthPegasus Member Posts: 21

Some new Sorting categories like Price, Free for Download, Free Trial, Updated Regularly, Etc.

I know the last one is a little odd but many games are released and never updated or if they are updated with new content the content is an expansion pack you have to buy. Would be nice to know if a game is going to require a significant amount of money periodicly to get the new stuff. I quit playing UO cause I did not want to keep buying the expansion packs and it made me an outsider among those who did.



  • AntMMOAntMMO Member Posts: 33

    how about other genre's of MMO's

    sport MMO's are starting to pop up


    Shot Online

    and a basketball one called freestyle

    Freestyle Street Basketball

    this is the next genre in gaming, and its very close to the genre supported on this site


  • cuskariecuskarie Member Posts: 11
    Hows about a way to sort the games by platform?
  • LanmoragonLanmoragon Member Posts: 994

    Originally posted by cuskarie
    Hows about a way to sort the games by platform?

    Why would they have this......every game on the list except for Legends of Norrath(i think thats it) and another cell phone game are all PC games....or so I am pretty sure.

    There would be no purpose to it.

    Edit: Unless of course you mean different system types such as Windows, Mac's, and Linux?

  • LanmoragonLanmoragon Member Posts: 994

    oops sorry for double post.

  • FifthPegasusFifthPegasus Member Posts: 21

    Platform usually means Operating system with regards to computers.


  • cuskariecuskarie Member Posts: 11

    By Platform I mean not only the operating system but also if it a console game or even that wierd ass cell phone game. Face it the market is opening up and games(mmorpg's) are slowly but surly starting to become more avalable for more systems and platforms.

    I spent an hour going threw all the games to find four that wern't windows exclusive and on the way.

    It would be helpfull when the xbox 360 and the PS3 come out. Who knows there might even be a few more for the psp in the near future.

    Plenty of people out there getting tired of using an operating system about as stable as as my exgirlfriends emotions.*cough cough windows cough cough.

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