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Looking for good PvE MMO

Endo13Endo13 Member Posts: 187

I'm looking for a good PvE MMO with a relatively long leveling process, but hopefully without being too tedious. I don't mind grinding, but I would really like to avoid grinding the same area for days on end, and definitely don't want quest grinding like in WoW or Rift. Preferably little or no instanced content, and no PvP focus. Really good crafting would be a plus, as well as some kind of player housing. Also needs to be F2P or have a 14-day+ free trial. I was going to try Vanguard, but the free trial page is down right now. Any other ideas?


  • zeowyrmzeowyrm Member Posts: 746

    If you've subscribed to an SOE game in the past, you should be able to play Vanguard for free for 45 days.  Have you taken a look at EQ2?  Best player housing out there right now, and the guild housing is amazing as well.

  • ThorkuneThorkune Member UncommonPosts: 1,969

    It looks to me like you would really enjoy Lord of the Rings Online.

  • mm0wigginsmm0wiggins Member Posts: 270

    FFXI (Final Fantasy XI Online)


    -no quest grinding

    -no pvp focus (pvp is available, just no one cares about it)

    -group based

    -long time to level cap

    -grinding is bearable because you'll be in a group, moving from location to location instead of repeatedly 'checking in' at some quest hub

    -player housing

    -multiple jobs/classes on one single character.  Level each one up seperately and plenty of "extra" classes to unlock later

    EDIT*  forgot about this --

    -No instances other than certain boss fights and they are completely optional.  Leveling is via open-world dungeon crawling and map exploration.

    -it's awesome.

    -other stuff

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  • Garvon3Garvon3 Member CommonPosts: 2,898

    Originally posted by bigsmiff

    It looks to me like you would really enjoy Lord of the Rings Online.

    What? How do you figure? He said he didn't want quest grinding or instancing.

    Almost everything in LotRO is quest grinding, there's little else to do in the game. And just about everything is instanced. There are no public dungeons and the game is singleplayer focused. It sounds like what you want is Vanguard, or classic MMORPGs that you can't really get anymore like DAoC, or EverQuest.

  • NizurNizur Member CommonPosts: 1,417

    Out of the MMOs I've played or tried, Vanguard is your best bet. In fact, it meets all of your wants pretty well.

    EQ2 might also fit the bill, but I personally enjoyed VG more.

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  • SirAoSSirAoS Member Posts: 203

    FFXIV is has some great improvments ahead. And i heard they might be doing player housing. It's Free ATM if you purchase a retail copy. Right not it is a reeeally fun game (IMO) if you can find a linkshell.

  • NeVeRLiFtNeVeRLiFt Member UncommonPosts: 380

    I would have to say Fallen Earth, EQ2 and LOTRO.

    VG has small player base, so if you play it go into knowing that.

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  • SignusMSignusM Member Posts: 2,225

    Originally posted by NeVeRLiFt

    I would have to say Fallen Earth, EQ2 and LOTRO.

    VG has small player base, so if you play it go into knowing that.

    Why would he enjoy LotRO? He said he DIDN'T want instancing and quest grinding.

  • VenDyneVenDyne Member Posts: 51

    Forsaken World? :D

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  • Endo13Endo13 Member Posts: 187

    Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I was hoping I'd get the 45 free days for Vanguard but it doesn't look like it. I thought I had SWG on my current SOE account several years ago, but I guess that was a different SOE account that I don't remember any more.

    I've tried FFXI and just didn't like the controls designed for a gamepad at all. It's been a while though, have they improved that and made it better on PC now? Also tried LotRO back in beta. Felt too much like WoW then, I doubt it'll feel much different for me now. I'll probably play it for a bit until I can get a VG free trial though, just because it's free.

    Also tried Forsaken World a bit, but it's just more of the WoW-style cheap dime-a-dozen quests to grind for leveling. Honestly I'm so sick of grinding those from WoW, Rift, and other similar MMOs over the last few years... bleh. If I get a quest I want it to be something impressive and difficult to figure out, like quests I've read about in EQ back in the day which unfortunately I didn't get to experience due to having no internet at the time.

  • TweFojuTweFoju Member UncommonPosts: 1,235

    Well Vanguard is definitely a good MMO, but too bad the community died down alot since 2010, i tried to play Vanguard around 3x but always ended up quitting because interactions with other players are just very rare

    So What Now?

  • EirianEirian Member Posts: 6

    You might like Clan Lord -- you can check this thread over here: to read a review.

    It's an old game, and in some ways shows it's age, but I love it.  A huge gameworld that's been growing since 1997, so even if you are doing something repetative--gathering some ingredient or hunting, you don't have to do it the same way in the same place all the time.

    No level cap, no resets, 14.95 for a new account and then free, unless you choose to get additional characters, which cost about $10 each.  No additional fees for gear or anything.  plays throug a client for pcs or macs and I think linux.

    And the community, while small, is great. I've played a bit over a year; some people have played for 10. There's a lot of stuff I really like about it, but I'll spare you the gushing.  :)

    (You can message me if you want more info or plan to try it and want a guide.)

  • TwistingfateTwistingfate Member Posts: 177

    I honestly second Final Fantasy 11. i started playing it again a few weeks ago and have had an amazing time. The community on my server is nice. I play on Sylph. I definitly recomend trying it again. the controls take a bit getting used to, as well as the combat. the combat is slower then most mmo. its a quirky game but it has years of content in it. I really hope you can find the mmo you want. :)



    best wishes



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