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Divine The Series

EruielEruiel Member UncommonPosts: 75


Please check, support and spread the word if you like it!


Part of the crew from Supernatural came together and decided to make this online webseries, they are all volunteers and are literally running this out of their own pockets and our support. I admire their initiative and how they present themselves and keep in contact with the supporters in the forums/blogs(plus im a fan of the supernatural). therefore I bring this to any of you who might decide to at least check it out...thanks for your time :)


  • ScrimMalteseScrimMaltese Member Posts: 469

    Seems neat, but it looks like it's based around the same stuff that I hate about Supernatural. 

    The show came down several levels, in my eyes, when they started doing the whole Angels and Demons thing. This last season was a little bit better about it, at least until the season finale. 

    Why can't they just kill monsters and do detective work? What's wrong with Eve being the ultimate bad guy? Why does it have to be deamons?

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