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IBM passes Microsoft in market value

After trailing behind Microsoft for 15 years, IBM finally regains it's thunder.

This puts the order of market value for the top 3 computer companies at:
1. Apple
2. IBM
3. Microsoft


  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,296

    Just shows how much IBM and Microsoft suck at savings.  They keep spending money improving their products and adding new ones.  This considering they file the most patents and control some form of a monopoly.

  • sephersepher Member Posts: 3,561

    I see Microsoft's market cap continuing to decline until at least next year. Nothin' really exciting they have going on. This winter there's a WP7 update and maybe Nokia and other manufacturers will have a lot more phones out by then, but that's about it as far as game changers on the OS front.

    Windows 8 isn't until next year; a full year after Mac OS X Lion is out and at least an iPhone 5, if not the NEXT iPad sometime early next year. But, Windows 8 should be a huge boost for Microsoft if they nail it. Not only should it reinvigorate PC sales where Microsoft draws 75% of their Windows sales, it'll be their first real earnest effort in tablets and other ARM-equipped form factors. 

    2011 seems to be firmly Apple's, what Microsoft needs to do in 2012 is become a lot more average consumer focused, and their Server and Tools division needs to focus on the Fortune 5,000,000 moreso than the Fortune 1,000. Microsoft products are becoming less and less relevant to the average Best Buy shopper. 

  • CorkCorkCorkCorkCorkCork Member Posts: 70

    Microsoft needs an MMO.

    It's core product will always be software. At least at the present moment.

    Since Apple is going to grow in it's software market, Microsoft needs to churn out new software products and fast. One of them, is the MMO. And there is an opportunity for them to do an outstanding job to capture the market share of players who genuinely seek innovation and originality.

    Whenever you are really bored and don't wanna play an MMO game, go to: http://librivox.org/

    Hey hey hey heeeeeeeeeeeyyyyy.......


  • IfeedtrollsIfeedtrolls Member Posts: 122

    I don't know how they did it, but they deserve it. Plus, Mircrosoft is getting kind of over-rated.

  • sephersepher Member Posts: 3,561

    For Microsoft, earnings off their entertainment division is trivial compared to Windows, Windows Server & SQL Server, and Office. Those are the lion's share of its profits. 

    The 360 is important though for the general 3 screen strategy they always tote. With Nintendo announcing a new console at E3 I wonder if Microsoft will go more than a year before planning 360's successor. 

    And hopefully for Windows 8 they have an app marketplace for games and all other software. I'm 100% they will because Mac has an application store NOW and its doing really well. Mac OS Lion will include a lot more iOS features a full year ahead of Windows 8 even coming out. So it'll be completely ass-backwards if with Windows 8, Steam and Direct2Drive are still the best options for downloading and playing games rather than something integrated into the OS itself.

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