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Madden 12

KickphatKickphat Member Posts: 189

Is any one else looking forward to madden 12 some of the new stuff they've added to franchise mode having me wanting to play it now.


  • IfeedtrollsIfeedtrolls Member Posts: 122

    Well I like Madden games and NHL games, they play can become addicting. Yes, I will be renting or buying this game, I mostly do a couple franchises and seasons and never play them again , maybe with a friend. They just lay collecting dust.

  • KickphatKickphat Member Posts: 189

    I play Madden alot during football season they are my weekday games as i can get 2-3 games in about 1 hour when i don't have time to play my MMO of choice at the moment. When i play MMO's i want to play for lest 4 hours or so at a time so i can get  feel like i go something done. which is what the weekends are for.

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