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Hellgate Closed Beta Key - Anyone have a spare? Plz PM

warbot7777warbot7777 Member Posts: 110

I woke up and I was too late. All keys gone :( I've been looking forward to this since I heard about it! If anyone has a spare key please pm me, thank you very much!


  • NilenyaNilenya Member UncommonPosts: 364

    If you go to the website and make an account, you have a 50/50 chance of getting a CB key if you apply directly on their website. Good luck!

  • GroovyFlowerGroovyFlower Member Posts: 1,245

    They give all kinds of mmosite links to get a key and some still have keys.

    But when you just APPLY on the official T3FUN site for hellgate and register its a great chance you get into CB.

  • xenoclixxenoclix Member UncommonPosts: 298

    I still got a few keys for Hellgate at betabashers.com

    If you require one can head there. Thats if you can't get it anywhere else.

  • VenDyneVenDyne Member Posts: 51

    You still need to make a new account? I already have an account there. Oh well, I'll just go search for a key and look for an application thing.

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