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Looking for a new realm, any recommendations?

TazlorTazlor Member UncommonPosts: 864

I'm about to roll a human warlock, and I really hate the realm I'm on now (Andorhal). This is what I'm looking for in a realm,


1. A PvE realm

2. High population, but doesn't get full very often

3. Factions are balanced. This is very important to me, I don't want to be out numbered 10 to 1

4. No roleplaying realms


If you guys know of a good realm that meets these criteria please let me know.




  • MeTedMeTed Member Posts: 129

    Check out wowprogress and it will show you the ratio of A:H of raiders along with type of realm. Full servers these days doesn't necessarily mean there will be a queue time except on expansion releases or big content patches.

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