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Rift: The WoW Replacement?



  • erictlewiserictlewis Member UncommonPosts: 3,021

    Well all I can say is this was a desperate attempt to garner more players for an already failing game.  Obviously the 7 day trial did not work,  so now we get this marketing campaign.  Every time I turn around there's another post on how dead a lot of the servers are.  I played rift and I find it so very shallow, and not polished as some would have you believe.

    So I will  /quit this thread and leave if with you guys. 

    If you can't see that this was a blatant attempt to drive up the sub base what else can I say.

  • Bob23106Bob23106 Member UncommonPosts: 30

    I understand that people will compare RIFT to WOW, and having played them both i think they are both OK games. The amount of content in wow is obviously greater, but you would expect that from a game with 4 expansion packs and it being 10 years old. Not only that wow was developed for 6years compared to rights 3-4year timeline. RIFT needs time to develop but unfortunaltly for them they wont get the time as GW2 will be out and destroy everything in its path for awhile at least anyway. 

  • RoguewizRoguewiz Member UncommonPosts: 696

    After beta'ing Rift briefly and playing during headstart, I can safely say the game has it's high points and low points.  It isn't WoW, that much is certain, but it isn't different enough to keep me entertained for an extended period of time.  The fundamental problem, much like how it was when Everquest was the thing, too many games try to be like the topdog and don't make enough adjustments to distance themselves far enough from the game to attract those that are bored with the current big game.  WoW became boring to me after Burning Crusade, but I continued to play it because there was nothing else.  I did my breaks to try out new games, but each time I got bored and ended up going back to WoW.  Fortunately, now, that isn't the case.  I'm playing DDO on and off (mainly weekends).  It is enough to keep me distracted until GW2 or ToR.

    With that being said, I'm watching what Trion does with Rift.  Heck, I may end up giving it another shot if ToR isn't released until the end of the year. (they're shooting for the second half of the year from what a blog said, basically June-Dec)

    Rift is good, but it is no WoW, however; it isn't "new" either.

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  • HituroHituro Member Posts: 37

    Originally posted by cappytoi


    Originally posted by Hituro

    Originally posted by SBFord

    Two evenings was enough for me to suspend my WoW account for now. I am enjoying the game play enough that I have decided to focus on RIFT for a while. The play is complex enough to keep me mentally engaged and with the huge variety of play available its hard to get bored.


    {mod edit}

    Play for 10 levels, push 4 buttons, then quit?

    It's true, the combat in this game is just so bland.  You perform the same abilities over and over, build up combo points, and press the combo button.  Now I've only played a melee class, but the different abilities for attack look no different in animation style, it's just so bland and repetitive.  I'm sorry if I want something new out of an MMO when it comes to combat.  But the way rift has it set up, you might as well just be auto attacking.  It's very boring combat.  And who cares if it's the first 10 levels or the first 40.  Your combat system shouldn't take until level 40 to get "decent".  That's just retarded.

  • jonnyfragjonnyfrag Member Posts: 110

    I played this for a few days while SOE was Sony OFFLINE Entertainment and I can tell you I won'r be spending any money on it.

    The invasions are fun at first until you end up getting spawn camped by the game. I was in the first 'big' town and it was being invaded and the amount of elites popping out even against about 30 of us, all around level 10, we got rolled but hard. Then the army advanced to the point that as soon as you would respawn at it's lifestone (bindstone, respawn point whatever they are called in this game) it was immediate one shot dead again. Now, invasions are fun but for the PvE content to spawn camp you with NO WAY TO GET AWAY is just NOT FUN. I logged out as they killed me down to about 10% vitality and decided to log back in later. I guess the jokes on me, because once I got back on, healed up and did about half of the (lame) quest I was doing, it all happened again!!!! No and again no. It's just stupid.

    Also, the game is very VERY linear, go down this path (literally) and to the next town , do a couple of quests and move onto to the next town. Imagine EQ2 style of 'play in this area at this level' but it all happens not in zones, but in the small areas surrounding the road you are on.

    The quests themselves are nothing to write home about either. Kill X of these critters. Go click some glowing barrels. Go take a message to npcguy in the next town. Same old, same old. I know, what are you gonna do right? That's how MMOs are built and if anyone does anything different then you get cries of 'theres no content!' or 'I'm confused!'

    Can't say anything about the crafting. I was just starting to mess with that when I started the exciting fun of dying over and over at the lifestone so I didn't ever even see it. Also, with mages and 3 different paths, limiting to one row of 'hot keys' seems like an arbitrary power limiter. I dunno if melees have the same issues, but there's not enough slots on the bar to be an effective truly 3 'soul' mage.

    I say to thee, poo poo on you Rift. Couldn't even win me over while SOE was busy mishandling their latest debacle.

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  • grapevinegrapevine Member UncommonPosts: 1,927

    Originally posted by toodlepip123

    Funny how this fanboi article should come out, just when a large number of rift players are mentioning a HUGE drop in players and the recent change to difficulty.


    I was recently in a guild in wow where a lot of players went to rift and declared it a brilliant game. The downside, these same people were absolutely terrible in wow, to the point where they struggled to get BH down.  These same people now say that rift is a great game? ....



    I'll pass thanks.  Reading the article makes me think that this new staff write is one of these players.


    Although my guild didn't move to Rift, i.e. just some friends and myself, I can confirm this is exactly what I came across.    I joined what was classified as one of the server's hardcore raiding guilds and was shocked by their performance and capabilities.   Even the recruitment process was humorous after the number of wipes just in T2 dungeons, where I was left as the last man standing every single time.  They were the typical max dps and tank & spank noobs, with little skill in avoiding mechanics that needed control of one's character. 


    Its one of the main reasons I quit and went back to WoW.   The content was less challenging than WoW's (Cata) HCs and raids, yet quite a few still found it to hard.  It seems the "bads" have moved to a new home.  Obviously I'm not implying all are bad players, but the percentage I came across was staggering.


    The majority of serious raiders I came across left, and returned to whatever they were playing previously.  Even the non-raiders who I knew  personally from other games don't play anymore, and we are back to keeping in touch through IM's.

  • Duster505Duster505 Member Posts: 66

    Rift needs to impove on quite a few features to be called WOW replacement.  First and foremost  - it needs to strengthen the gameplay mecanics.  Right now it pretty far off what WOW is offering.  Secondly - the quest and levling experience can improve alot.  Many quests are simply boring and teadious when you have to run through the same 100 mobs again and again.  


    I still belive RIFT can be the new game to go to.  But TRION willl need to work sooo hard over the next year or two to establish themselfs as a top quality MMO team that can improve with every patch.  If they manage to do that- and considering the crap Blizzard is throwing out to their subscribers - Im pretty sure RIFT will become the go to game for new players wanting to try the MMO experience.

  • Dorko2kDorko2k Member Posts: 107

    Originally posted by deadhope

    Of course it's a WoW replacement, it's the same game.



  • PSevennPSevenn Member Posts: 6

    Wow this rift has a great PR ...  but still I dont like this game.

  • BadSpockBadSpock Member UncommonPosts: 7,978

    Honestly,what's the point in posting a preview/review/op-ed piece after only playing the game for a matter of hours?

    Nearly every major MMO will be fun for the first few hours/days.

    It's only after significant time investment do the games strengths/weaknesses really shine.

    For me, I absolutely loved Rift in beta and at launch.. and this article is a spot-on comparison to how I felt as well, nearly word for word....

    ... till I hit my mid-30's and it became very obviously apparent the game was offering nothing new I hadn't already experienced time and time and time again the first 30+ levels.

    This columnist is still on the honeymoon... hell, I'd go as far as too say they're still wearing the wedding dress!

    Come back after a few weeks to give an honest assessment.

    I've learned, time and time and time again, that "staying power" for me is 100% community based. With a strong, close group of friends I could realistically enjoy any major MMO currently out there.

  • gainesvilleggainesvilleg Member CommonPosts: 1,053

    The article writer/reviewer only played 2 evenings and didn't try PVP or dungeon instances?!?!?!  This is the type of article that would be understandable the week of launch but seriously, the game has been out for months now and a review by somebody who barely scratched the surface at this point just seems odd.

    They should have had this new writer's first article be on something she had more experience on, such as her current problems with WoW or something.  It does come across as a piece of PR for Rift, although I am not accusing the writer of that but it certainly reads that way as an earlier poster implied.

    But to the point of the article, both WoW and Rift are tired and stale, so if you still like WoW then Rift could be a replacement.  But I actually found WoW much more fluid, fast paced, fun, and interesting than Rift (I played Rift beta) but I wouldn't recommend either game to anybody at this point to be honest...

    GW2 "built from the ground up with microtransactions in mind"
    1) Cash->Gems->Gold->Influence->WvWvWBoosts = PAY2WIN
    2) Mystic Chests = Crass in-game cash shop advertisements

  • BunkafishBunkafish Member Posts: 57

    I'll never understand how anyone who played WoW for 3+ years can get into RIFT. It was somewhat different, but at the same time I kept thinking "I quit WoW for a reason, now i'm playing it all over again". 

  • skullquakerskullquaker Member UncommonPosts: 311

    Originally posted by Ceridith

    Originally posted by SuperXero89

    I don't understand why the fact that Rift is new should be used as an excuse for a lack of endgame content. Even in WoW, few people are raiding anything less than the current content. 

    Rift has far more endgame content than WoW did two months after release, the difference is that people blew through content in Rift so much more quickly because they've 'done it all before'.


    this is what killing rift far to much to quick at least wow took it time to bore its player base

  • grapevinegrapevine Member UncommonPosts: 1,927

    Originally posted by skullquaker

    Originally posted by Ceridith

    Originally posted by SuperXero89

    I don't understand why the fact that Rift is new should be used as an excuse for a lack of endgame content. Even in WoW, few people are raiding anything less than the current content. 

    Rift has far more endgame content than WoW did two months after release, the difference is that people blew through content in Rift so much more quickly because they've 'done it all before'.


    this is what killing rift far to much to quick at least wow took it time to bore its player base


    Its also a misconception and inaccurate that WoW had less end game, especially two months after release.   At the time it took a lot longer for people to reach end game in WoW, but it was there.


    Rift has a bit more variation in end game than WoW orginally had, but that's all.   Although even then most of the variation is useless or so poorly implemented that it adds no real value to even improving gear.

  • ThaneUlfgarThaneUlfgar Member Posts: 283

    This article just reminds me of how awesome Warhammer Online should have been.

  • SteamRangerSteamRanger Member UncommonPosts: 920

    In all fairness, Trion spends a lot of effort keeping thier fansite base stoked up and pumping out PR. For my money, this was a completely unnecessary article and perhaps the author should have been encouraged to post it on her own blog. Basically, it just reads like another Rift apologist trying to rally the masses again. With the current recruitment promotion, there certainly is incentive.

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    "People love groups. Its a fallacy that people want to play solo all the time." - Scott Hartsman, Executive Producer, Rift

  • LonzoLonzo Member UncommonPosts: 289

    I just hate the look and grafics of rift, so i cant play it :-(

  • Short-StrawShort-Straw Member Posts: 422

    Originally posted by Lonzo

    I just hate the look and grafics of rift, so i cant play it :-(

    I thought I was the only one! Looks like it was done by an impressionistic painter with 4 colors.....


  • AnubisanAnubisan Member UncommonPosts: 1,798

    Not a WOW replacement. In my opinion, WOW is a much superior game...

    Rift feels like WOW except that the classes are not balanced and there is far less content in the world. They tried to out-WOW WOW, but they failed in my opinion.

  • DeathofsageDeathofsage Member UncommonPosts: 1,102

    Originally posted by WSIMike

    WoW was never the first MMO they came into the MMO market much later then many other titles. These people who believe WoW was the first MMO are probably the same people who believe that George Washington abolished slavery or they really spent 500 million dollars a day for the president to visit India. 

    "I swear, officer... He was rambling on about "not comparing Rift to WoW". Then - and I have no idea why - he suddenly just started ranting something about George Washington and 500 million dollars to go to India... and he just wandered off into the weeds. Hasn't come back out yet. I think he may have veered off the trail and gotten himself lost in there."

    Sir, can you step out of the vehicle, turn around and place your hands together, fingers interlaced, behind you?

    Spec'ing properly is a gateway drug.
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  • dreldrel Member Posts: 918

    I enjoyed Rift initially, but didn't like the lack of PVP compared to WoW. Was disenchanted with the crafting system.

    Liked the graphics. Liked the storyline. Liked the player combinations, which was outstanding.

    Didn't like  the grind or have enough time to play the game.

  • ManestreamManestream Member UncommonPosts: 938

    Originally posted by tkoreaper

    Originally posted by Manestream

    Currently playing, see big problems though. Severa are empty of players meaning most servers dont see rift invasions at all (so much for doign certain quests and achievements on those) whilst others do see the odd rift invasion but cannot succeed against them, again too few in playerbase numbers to fight them off.

    Servers are not empty... at the time of writing this there are only 5 servers at low population, the rest are medium or higher.

    At a certain time every single server is marked Medium which is a load of utter CRAP, been on 5 from 11am-12pm over the first week and a half and didnt see no rift invasions at all in that time and not many other players to boot either. So the stats of medium is crap.

    Then you also have rifts opening up, getting to bonus stage brings out an elite boss, now sometimes these can just cast a spell and everyone instantly dies, that includes players 2x in level (e.g instant deth when a lvl 20 cats or does a move and 3 lvl 21-25 players and a level 39 players go from 100% hp to dead). Some say its a bug. Other things take virtually no damage from some class's at all, but if another player under the mob level comes in his damage hurts the thing whilst everyones else's do nothing (again i was told this is a bug).

    Most invasions bosses will have abilities... there aren't meant to be tank and spank mobs. There are abilities that you MUST watch out for. It's not a bug... There's also things that cannot be damaged until other things have been killed. Why would you keep attacking when you're seeing the word "Immune" spammed on your screen?

    Not once did it have an immune appear over its head when getting to stage 5 of the rift (sometimes stage 6) and its always, always these new earth rifts that have the problem, fire/death/life rifts dont. I bet even a lvl 50 would go from 100% health to dead like everyone else when it does this move. I aint the only one who got pissed off with this (lvl 19 killed me lvl 24, a lvl 21 a lvl 25 and a lvl 39) with a move just after it pummels the ground (this is were everyone should run away from it). Best bet is to kill upto these boss's and then leave.

    Now once you leave the starting area's, you come to ancient wardstones that must be opened via a new skill you get,  these then give daily quests, however if teh opposite faction has done this you have to wait for god knows how long for an invasion that clears them or a foothold assault, otherwose you will not be able to take it.

    Completely wrong... You can take the wardstones at any time... all you must do is kill the enemies guarding it AND the wardstone.

    Aye, and then as soon as you leave the area its back again with an elite that takes no fewer than 4 players or more to take out. Not fun spending 25-40 mins free'ing and then having to do teh whole thing again just to hand in a quest. Oh and there aint no invasion going on either.

    Some footholds happen that take 25-30 minutes to get rid of, as soon as you dissapear to do the quest, you can bet your ass it will be retaken and become a foothold again within 2 minutes of your group leaving the spot. Very annoying.

    Footholds do not just appear out of thin air... they're spawned by invasions. So long as YOUR wardstone is dead they can summon theirs in its place.

    ye and you kill their wardstone and guards, get yours back to get your quest givers, take quest, go do it come back and then need to get another 5 man group or more (if there are anyone in the zone by then) to free it up again, oh and these footholds dont require a rift invasion to be let loose, just a normal rift would do.

    Right now, i have 9 days left, as i have already started most servers on teh EU side are empty of players, there is1 server that has queue but is a PvP server, that means campd and ganked by lvl 40-50 all the time becuase they have nothign to do but kill low levels and then stay their doing that (sad but true), have checked out 6 of the (i think 10 PvE servers so far) and 5 are devoid of life, not sure about the 6th one, was late when i joined it (8pm) last night, so will see and find out sometime today if its dead or not. It does seem to me that servers merges are somewhat of a must do for this game though, probably bring them from 10 to 4 (PvE), cannot say much about the pvp ones, tried 2 1 is full the other has a little life on it, although more life than the PvE servers have. Ive just been put off from playing on these servers if thats what the game is like for high levels to go round and pawn low levels all day long. Had my fill of that lameness in other games.

    I honestly don't understand how you're not seeing tons of people online... what server are you on? The vast majority of the EU servers right now are medium population.

    I have just re-rolled on Steampike, it was absolutly dead come 11pm UK (10pm Gametime) last night, as stated i cannot give a proper opinion for that one yet as i only joined it at between 8pm and 9pm UK. Will be able to find out in the next hour if its worth playing on or just another server dump (would be 6 out of 10 PvE servers by then) English of course, not french or german.


    As it stands right now, i severly doubt that i will resub once my playtime runs out in 9 days time, not unless something drastically changes. Have i advised friends on this, yes. Will they join, not from what i have given in feedback nope. Also in my second week i did bring 2 friends to check it out and let them play a little on the full pvp server, but when they asked questions or for help they were either told work it out for yourself or (mostly) just met a silent wall. Community wise on full srvers is, there is no community spirit at all, case of jump/join a grp for rifts, never say or speak to anyone, kill rift leave rince repeat. Solo game with helpers that may as well be robots.

    You can't blame a game for its community and based on everythign you've said.. there's still a whole lot that you're not understanding about the game and the fact that you've told all your friends this WRONG information only makes the game look bad.

    Doesnt need me to make it look bad. Game has some nice Idea's about it but the execution i would not give more than 2/10.

    So many things you've stated are wrong. I'll point them out.


  • ste2000ste2000 Member EpicPosts: 6,194

    This looks more like a commercial than a serious piece of journalism

    What is the point of this article?


    Rift is already starting losing lots of subscribers, just after a month after launch.

    WoW has still 11.6 Million subscribers

    How can anyone say that Rift is WoW replacement?

    It simply ain't.


    I am not denying that there are many people that likes Rift, but there are many that like Darkfall too.............

    Can we have an article "Darkfall: The WoW replacement?", I will write it

    It looks like someone is desperatly trying to make Rift appear as the real deal, when in fact in few months down the line the only game it will compete against will be Warhammer.


    Those kind of article are seriously not need it

  • echose7enechose7en Member UncommonPosts: 55

    Originally posted by Short-Straw

    Originally posted by Lonzo

    I just hate the look and grafics of rift, so i cant play it :-(

    I thought I was the only one! Looks like it was done by an impressionistic painter with 4 colors.....

    Yeah the game world is very drab in my opinion.


  • watchawatchawatchawatcha Member Posts: 960

    Originally posted by RyuichiDMyst



    "The creators of RIFT have done several other things to create a much faster paced game than WoW. Besides the high degree of toon customization, mounts are available very early."


    I really fail to see how customization, presumably physical, or having access to a mount early on result in "a much faster paced game than WoW". I'm not even sure how character customization has any affect on the pace of the game. Regardless, let's not confuse progression through content with the speed of interaction with residents within the environment. I'm certain I express the opinion of many when I say that WoW is about as fast paced as you can get in a MMO without it being a FPS, especially in the newest content.

    I just had to respond to this comment.  Here's how Rift works.  Because you have four roles that do different 'jobs' as opposed to a game that gives you slightly variant options but do basically the same thing; you can switch your role to a 'job' that's more appropriate.  Run into a quest that needs CC?  Switch to a CC spec.  Need some healing to get by a boss?  Switch to a healing spec.  Need a tank?  Same.  DPS? same.  It allows you to complete content yourself without relying on others.  You also have options to swtich out roles to get LFG faster for dungeons.  Hint.  Being a tank gets you into instances faster.  So character customization is refering to the soul system I believe.  The one major thing that sets Rift apart from virtually every other game in the MMO genre.

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