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New player incoming!!

jonezi92jonezi92 Member Posts: 224

Hi guys, im downloading the game right now since i was seduced by an Email offering a trial,

So! Im looking for a Guild / Clan or just someone to show me the ropes since this will be my first ever time playing.


Also I'm wondering what servers / race / class i should be considering as a new player? I usually play melee / Tank and enjoy a good pvp server


  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 43,753

    You'll want to visit this page here, official news page for DAOC and shows the only server cluster you can really play on these days, and they're all RVR, meaning faction based PVP in the Frontier regions (for level 50's) and in smaller dungeons across the land for lower level players (you can actually level to 50 doing PVP only if you want to)

    In addition to server info (nice to see over 1000 people on line this time of day) there's links to information on all the races, classes, realm abilities and what not.

    Also, in DAOC there are 3 realms, each with their own unique races and classes so standard wisdom on what to play doesn't apply.

    First decide the realm you wish to play (Albion is traditional King Arthur sort of humanoids for the most part, Hibernia is more based on Celtic lore and Elves while Midgard has a decidedly nordic flavor)

    Each of the realms has tanks/melee DPS of various types, each bringing to the floor a variety of talents.  (considerable difference between the races as well)

    I don't know if this is still true, but back in the day the VNBoards were the main forums for the user  community and you'll likely find a wealth of info including help chosing a class there still. (no official DAOC forums btw, Mythic never believed in them)

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