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Aion free 2 play

DogPeeOnTreeDogPeeOnTree Member Posts: 92

So wanted to ask is it possible,has anyone heard from anywhere rumor or somethin that Ncsoft plan Aion to go f2p mode.Cause idk i heard servers merged and games ussualy  sux if it have below 2k-3k people on a server ,its a pvp game.Remember RF if population was 1500+ was great,everywhere people pawn eachother but Aion is bigger.So with all these new mmos,Guild wars 2 this Rift etc i think  Aion should go f2p.So wats your thougths ?


  • ShastraShastra Member Posts: 1,061

    Not a bad idea at all. I would definietly give it a try if it goes F2P.

  • DogPeeOnTreeDogPeeOnTree Member Posts: 92

    Everyone would give a try exactly,i dont mind the grind since it have awesome gameplay and graphics other stuff dont matter stil i bet Ncsoft would see massive increase in population

  • Omega431Omega431 Member UncommonPosts: 92

    I highly doubt it will ever happen.  Lineage 2 is older, and probably less populated than Aion, and its still a P2P model.  But then again, MMO companys have pulled some really weird stuff before :)

  • TyrantasTyrantas Member UncommonPosts: 369

    Won't happen, NCsoft is acting like Aion is the best game out.

  • EphimeroEphimero Member Posts: 1,860

    Isn't Aion the second most played MMO in the western market?

  • djazzydjazzy Member Posts: 3,578

    Lineage 2 is still a sub based game in the west. There is no way Aion will go free to play.

  • Merlin1977Merlin1977 Member Posts: 168

    Agree with the rest of the comments, can't see Aion going F2P especially since in Korea (I think it's Korea) it's massive.

  • vanderghastvanderghast Member UncommonPosts: 297

    don't think i'd play aion even for free.  one of the worst games i've tried in awhile.

  • An4thorAn4thor Member Posts: 524

    I'm not asking to play Aion for free, but at least after 2 years a week trial could be granted to the mass.

  • Panther2103Panther2103 Member EpicPosts: 5,659

    I think the western market is the one NCSoft will never let any of their games go F2P. Lineage 1 has hardly ANY population at all and it is still on the p2p model. The russian L2 is free has a huge population, and they still won't release it as F2P on NA. I think as long as their games are doing okay in korea, they consider the american market their bonus money. Lineage 2 isn't very dead but it would get ALOT more users if it were F2P. Aion is a little more populated, and would definately benefit from going F2P. But knowing how stingy NC is with NA games, I highy, highly doubt it would go F2P. They are more likely to pull it off of our market before that.

  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 29,936

    yup, if Lineage 1 is still p2p I kind of doubt they will be changing Aion. Besides, Aion is not an unsuccessful game. just because it's not liked by some players because it didn't have "easy leveling" doesn't mean that it's a bust.

    It seems it has competitive numbers for subs to other "successful" games. Taking WoW out of the equation of course.

  • VotanVotan Member UncommonPosts: 291

    PVP + F2P = bad

  • brucieeeebrucieeee Member Posts: 12

    Just staretd Aion 4 days ago. Best mmo ever! Everything is so beautiful! 

    Sure there are lots of kill this, find that, take this to them etc but the stunningness of it all puts Final Fantasy XIV to shame - thats the closest game I think it relates to. Final Fantasy XIV could have learnt a lot from AION before releasing that piece of junk. 

    They are only merging the Oceanic server because not enough NZ and Aus players I think. 

    Must get back to it, too pretty to leave alone for too long :P 

  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,634

    too many ppl play Aion, i doubt it will go f2p anytime soon... the fact that many ppl dont like Aion's grindness doesnt mean its empty or low pop.... im sure warhammer or AoC would go f2p first than Aion

  • ZzadZzad Member UncommonPosts: 1,401

    I played Aion from their start...not a bad game at all...beautifull graphics...lore.... but too much grinding...terrible crafting & boring as hell to get nice gear (specially on a game where gear is ALL)....Too many fails for my taste.

    I quited playing after 6 months tired of terrible Ncsoft support & balance on servers... (Balance on servers is especially important in this game)

    I hope they go´s the only way i would ever go back there...not worth my money.

  • MikehaMikeha Member EpicPosts: 9,175

    NC Soft is doing some really good things with Aion and the next update is supposed to be the one that brings most of the Vision Trailer stuff to life. Aion right now is 2nd behind WoW in the Pay To Play market so I  dont ever see it going Free To Play even over here in the West.

  • erictlewiserictlewis Member UncommonPosts: 3,021

    As long as I have to install gameguard to play it, it will not be installed on my computer.  Free or not.

  • channel84channel84 Member UncommonPosts: 585

    currently from the stat in live server i'm say there's around 2 mil player in aion(calculated by estimating 30 player per guild). I don't think they'll go f2p.

  • khartokhar3khartokhar3 Member UncommonPosts: 486


    rofl.. such a quality game for f2p !?

    ya keep dreaming.

    i have played almost all the p2p games out there. aion is for sure one of the best 3.

    btw if u get lvl 50+ there is only one region to go for pvp: balaurea (inggision/gelkmaros). so no its not hard to find ppl for pvp.

  • xSagaixSagai Member CommonPosts: 94

    Originally posted by erictlewis

    As long as I have to install gameguard to play it, it will not be installed on my computer.  Free or not.

    Gameguard was removed right before launch. Just sayin....

  • Lord_AthonLord_Athon Member UncommonPosts: 165

    Where do you got that idea?

    1st, F2P hummm will ot hapen, "cause" AION is still 1 of the best (all around) mmo's out here. 2nd, griding?! in 2.1 there's no grinding, quests and ap. 3rd, gear and craft... you work it you'll get it.

    To end, a stupid idea, when Tera or GW2 comes to Live, ok, then what will happen to mmo's? Will everybody goes that way, or will keep in their worlds (wow, aion, ...).

  • lthompson94lthompson94 Member Posts: 194

    Aion has millions of subs wordwide (granted that almost entirely Eastern).  It's the 2nd largest MMO in the wordwide market,  no way it's going F2P.   Maybe... strong maybe they might do something to spark the NA market, but seriously doubtful.  They are doing fine.

    NCSoft actually posts their IR Reports, if you look at them you can see that its still hugely profitable (even though it's lost some steam)  and there's no reason to make it F2P.

  • WarbsWarbs Member Posts: 245

    Aion is absolutley huge over in the eastern market and seems to have a higher population than i have seen in a long time on my server now (eu),With the new graphics oiverhaul coming in 2.5 and a bunch of other nice changes, i can only see it improving further.

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