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My experience with Cyber power

todd2212todd2212 Member Posts: 11

Just want to share my experience with my latest computer purchase through cyberpower.




First off I would like to thank everyone here who helped with the decision.




I wish I had the time and patients to do the build myself but I don't so I went with cyberpower and the bill me latter option. The number one thing to remember is to make sure you know what you’re buying. I posted my build on this forum and the people here were kind enough to help tweak the system to make it better. Cyberpower will let you mess up and select not so good components so get advice.




The Good:


The purchase was quick and easy. I was really impressed with the wiring inside of the case, I didn’t order the special wiring (for like $20)but everything in there is really neat banded together and pinned back out of the way. Everything worked no problems from the first time I plugged it in. They installed the OS on the SSD (some reviews I read say that they did not).




The Bad:


Shipped a day late, which of course made it ship on a Monday instead of the previous Friday. UPS  set to deliver on that Friday, of course they show up the 1 hour i was out and i had to arrange to pick-up from their facility on the following Monday (not cyberpower, or UPS's fault just putting it out there). And the biggest problem is that you pay for windows 7 but only get a reboot disk not an actual copy of it. So if I were to do over I would order that separate and Install myself.




So as you can see no major problems (at least yet). The experience was overall good and I would recommend them if you don’t want to build your system yourself.


  • DurrayDurray Member UncommonPosts: 182

    Cyberpower built my PC as well, they did a good job. The shipping on mine was fine, the outer packaging was a bit damaged but the PC absolutely fine. I have yet to find any problems with it and like you said the inside of the case is very proffessionally done. Which is why I went with they rather then build my own I wanted a finished polished product. Would reccomend as well

  • Havok2allHavok2all Member UncommonPosts: 190

    You two had better experience than I did. My main fan was improperly mounted and I had to redo it to stop it from making an awful sound. I also had to do some bios work because it wasn't set up correctly. My motherboard had faulty slots for the ram which caused malfunctions (one could say that was fault of Motherboard producer, but it was Cybers responsibility to make sure everything worked correctly)

    I am on the fence if I would use them again. The price was really good, but the additional crap I had to do once I got it pretty much nullified the savings. I am somewhat guessing I was just unlucky and probably had some slacker putting my system together and hopefully it wouldn't happen again.

  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 23,226

    It depends some on what your ordered.  If you told them to use cheap junk parts and they did, then that's partially your own fault.

  • Havok2allHavok2all Member UncommonPosts: 190

    Lol, there was nothing cheap about what I bought believe me. At the time I got it, it had the best you could get in everything.

  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 23,226

    Well then, what did you get, and when?

  • dracomundracomun Member UncommonPosts: 92

    My expirence with them was pretty good. Everything on there end was nice, but two weeks after i got the computer the hardrive i bought died. Which of course isnt on them, the problem came more when i called them and the individual i spoke to on the phone seemed rushed and not interested. He ended up shipping me a new harddrive to install my self but sent my the ssd drive not the harddrive even though i had specifically satted this a few times. The shipping took about a week for it, i then had to call them send it backa nd wait another week for the  right hardrive. This was Nov 2010 and havent had a single problem with it since. Im very happy with the product overall and would prolly buy from them again

  • Loke666Loke666 Member EpicPosts: 21,441

    Sometimes you just get unlucky no matter who you order from. And sometimes incompetent people accidentely make the right thing.

    Deciding a company sucks or are great on a single experience isn't a good idea even if I can understand someone who got problems wont buy from the same place again.

    Myself I would never allow someone else to build my computer, even if I can decide what's in it. I just got so many pre built computers from friends to fix up.

    If you have some techinical competence it is worth to build it yourself, it isn't hard. If you have a friend who are good give him a case of beer for showing you how it is done and helping you out.

    Of course some people just aren't good with techinical stuff but I would still first go down to the local geek shop instead of ordering one online, it is good for the local community and if you get problems you can easily go back with it so they can fix it for you.

    Cyber power seems rather competent compared with many other large custom building companies, avoid Dell, Compaq and for the love of god HP at all price.

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