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Save me from total MMO burnout!



  • VyethVyeth Member UncommonPosts: 1,461

    Yeah.. I've decided to give up completely on MMO's and focus on my new social and productive hobby and soon to be career: professional beer pong player..

    Nah, I've just been bouncing around F2P's.. I've tried Rift and enjoyed it, I just don't feel like being pushed and pulled every patch because a few vocal minorities cry for changes (and what is funny is that they alternate turns depending on Trion decides to change or "fix").. I am sorta waiting on Brink and Old Republic.. I know I know.. Guild Wars 2 blah blah blah, we are going to go through 2 presidential elections before that game comes out, i'm not going to waste my "hope" waiting and hyping for yeaaars..

    Right now I am on Lotro.. Not sure why but I never really gave this game a chance when I actually purchased the game a while back, but upon retrospect it is actually pretty good. Same ol same ol yeah, but I have accepted that THIS is what the industry is and obviously what the mass of players want (proof being that soo many players play and spend soo much money on F2P "WoW clones" like Runes of Magic).. I like the genre and even though it has stagnated you have to either deal or be part of the solution..

    I am in school and training right now to hopefully in a few years be a part of the solution..

  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 36,357

    Originally posted by Greyface.

    Alternately, if someone wants to let me in on the secret to Eve, I'll accept that as well. 

    Having just recently returned to EVE myself I'll try to help you out. Please note, there are many ways to play EVE, my advice is not necessarily "the best", just my opinion.

    First, you have to get yourself set up economically.  IMO, since you don't want to mine (I loath it as well) the best route for a new player is mission running.  If you start off training Caldari ships you'll be able to easily handle all mission and quickly work your way up to a Drake and running level 3 missions.  It will be a couple months before you can migrate up to your Raven BS and level 4 missions (EVE is a game of patience remember) however you'll learn a lot as you grind up your standings with several factions.

    Now about the 3.5 month mark you should be flying a pretty well fit Raven, and you have a choice to make.  You are now well equipped to move out to 0.0 space, your Raven will be able to solo most npc content (drones or pirate factions) and you'll be able to continue to increase your wealth.  You could also run missions a bit more because now that you're at level 4's you'll make some decent cash.

    Oh yes I forgot, appears there's a new feature in Empire space called Incursions, and I'm told if you have well shielded Drake you can participate and make about 10M ISK per 10 minute run, which is pretty fine ISK if that's really true. You can run these with your corp or there's a public fleet channel that people seem to join up regularly.

    There's many other ways to make ISK, you might decide to start market trading, o rmoving and selling items in different parts of EVE space (I noticed one time that a player had seeded one quadrant of the EVE universe with about 10B ISK worth of skill books and seemed to be making a killing on them. I tried to cut in on his action and got away with it for a bit until he noticed and started countering my efforts)

    Some day in the future, you might decide on a life of piracy, become a mercanary for pay, get into industry or probably a 1/2 dozen other endevours.

    Now, once you get your cash flow in order, next decide what your conbat/PVP path will be. (if any).  Caldari ships are great for PVE, but generally considered inferior in PVP situations. (even though Ravens get a large number of kills in any fight, because there's so darn many of them)

    But you'll probably want to take another path, your choice really depending on your play style, and I can't really go into all that here in this thread.

    Finally, I suspect you've been playing EVE alone, and that almost always sucks for a new player.  I recommend you join a corp that takes on new players, there's tons of them out there, EVE University being the most notable and if you're looking to get into fights a great choice because people love to wardec them.

    The bottom line is patience.  Its true, top level Merc and Pirate corps aren't going to take you until you have 20M SP's, but there's plenty who will in the meantime while you learn how to play EVE.  It really is an MMORPG for the long haul and you'll find 2 or 3 years down the road there still will be so much you haven't done, which is why I'm returning after a short hiatus to get busy on the things yet to do.





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  • SemielSemiel Member UncommonPosts: 94

    I am in the same situation as you and played the same games starting with UO.

    I unsubscribed everything recently, picked up a guitar as time sink and am playing Bloodline Champions casually for PvP.

  • ThaneUlfgarThaneUlfgar Member Posts: 283

    Warhammer's pvp can be fun for a few months.

    Play Mortal Kombat, or any other non-MMO that you may have skipped in the past few years.

  • Germaximus_SGermaximus_S Member UncommonPosts: 1,061

    I really dont understand this attitude that "rift is for wow players." To me thats just flat out stupid, i played WoW for 6 years and did not want to play another WoW clone when i stopped. Silly.

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  • GreyfaceGreyface Member Posts: 390

    Thanks for all the replies everyone!  I'm going to lump all my responses into one post.

    Originally posted by crunk001

    Words of an addict... *shakes head*

    Addicts get sick of the stuff they're adicted to?  For the record, I'm actually fairly casual.  We have one TV and I'm too cheap to buy another, so my MMO time is usually an hour or two in the evening while the missus is playing xBox or watching one of her trash reality shows.  I have a good job, I read several books a month, watch at least three movies a week, see the sun almost daily, and take regular detours into single-player games. In fact, it was playing a real single player game that reminded me how poor the "solo-friendly" MMOs are in comparison to games designed from the ground up for the single player.

    Originally posted by Cavadus

    For a better time in EVE join EVE University [E-UNI].  Complete their program and you'll be able to get into any major alliance in the galaxy.

    I took a stroll through their web page, and I think this might actually work.  I really do want to get into the PvP side of things, and this looks like a good place to cut my teeth.  Thank you!

    Originally posted by Greenbow54

    Edit - If you've never played age of conan, there is a new ffa pvp server coming out soon. It just got a nice graphic update aswell, and it looks amazing.

    I have played AoC, but the new server sounds interesting enough to warrant a second look.  I think I have my plan B, if my ePeen ends up being too small for Eve warfare.

    Originally posted by Sirgrege (and others)


    For the ultimate MMORP experience!!

    I realize that there's a lot of excitement over Rift, but as others have pointed out it does seem a little samey.  I mean.. it's WoW with public quests and a more complicated talent system, right?  I'm sure I'd enjoy it for a while, but after the new MMO smell wears off, I'll be back in the same boat pretty quickly.  To be clear, I'm not jonesing for a new and better WoW to keep the bugs away.  If I want gear, grinding and solitude, I'll have Diablo 3 in 6 months (or whenever).

    Thanks for the comments everyone.  This was really helpful.   


  • SanguinelustSanguinelust Member UncommonPosts: 812

    You are done. Give it up, time to find something else to fill your time. Go outside, ride a bike, go fishing, travel, anything but forget beating burnout. It won't happen.

    Come back to games when you feel like you're not burnt out again and I'm not talking in like 3 weeks or even 3 months. MMO burnout is the worst kind. It usually takes me on the order of 6 months to a year before I'm ready to start playing them again.

  • TardcoreTardcore Member Posts: 2,325

    Originally posted by Sanguinelust

    You are done. Give it up, time to find something else to fill your time. Go outside, ride a bike, go fishing, travel, anything but forget beating burnout. It won't happen.

    Come back to games when you feel like you're not burnt out again and I'm not talking in like 3 weeks or even 3 months. MMO burnout is the worst kind. It usually takes me on the order of 6 months to a year before I'm ready to start playing them again.

    I have to say that I feel this is the best advice you will find here. Games are meant to be a bit of frivolous entertainment, that is all. The day you start casting around in desepration to find a new one to replace the one that is boring the crap out of you, it is time for a serious life change.


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  • channel84channel84 Member UncommonPosts: 585

    Aion might hold your answer with it's PvPvE. Might suit a DAoC vet. The frustration comes when your trying to gear up at max level. Which unlike WoW where you basically grind dungeon.

  • fjcastelfjcastel Member Posts: 127

    i agree with the break thin i am in the same boat as you  just right now i am looking for something to do . it actually feel like you are detoxin from some heavy drugs (not that i did any image)  but i definelly goin to have to take a breake from gaming if i can not fall in love with a game soonimage


    the problem with real life hobies is that they usually cost more money than gaming or i end up faling in love with this BAD girl wich can also lead to trouble .


  • AkaroniaAkaronia Member Posts: 138

    Originally posted by Greyface

    After nearly 15 years of uninterrupted MMO gaming, I may finally be done.  It's a little depressing - these games have been my primary hobby for most of my adult life.  I even met my wife in one back when meeting people over the internet was considered weird.  I keep thinking that my next favorite game is out there, but I keep getting disappointment.  Maybe I'm wrong - that's why I'm posting.  If someone has a suggestion for a game that might get me out of my funk, you'd be saving me from having to take up knitting or online poker.

    I tend to float in and out of all of Bartle's archetypes, depending on the game and my mood.  I've played UO, DAoC, CoH, SWG, WoW, and EQ2, for at least a year each, with the longest stays in UO, DAoC and WoW.  The most fun I ever had in an MMO was in DAoC's frontiers, traveling with huge groups of players looking for enemies to fight, meeting new people and exploring. 

    I most recently unsubbed from WoW when I realized that Blizzard had tricked me into paying a subscription fee for a 5 year-old single-player RPG. They're so busy protecting the players from one another, they've taken away all meaningful interaction between players. The only time you even notice anyone else is when you join a dungeon, raid or battleground. 24 other players is not “massively multiplayer,” it's the kind of multiplayer that Blizzard gave away for free with StarCraft and Diablo 2. 

    If there's no random element, human interaction, or persistence, what am I paying a subscription fee for?  I can save $15 a month and just send people text messages while replaying Dragon Age for the 15th time.  In the immortal words of Johnny Rotten, “ever get the feeling you've been cheated?”

    I've also spent at least 6 months in WAR (a buggy mess at the time), DDO (meh), LOTRO (WoW, but with a more transient community and worse graphics) and AoC (loved the newbie area, turns into slo-mo Dungeon Siege). 

    I'm currently futzing around in Eve Online, and was actually enjoying it for a while. With its player controlled economy and politics, Eve seemed like exactly what I needed. But after a month and a half of playing, I'm beginning to suspect the game is some kind of practical joke.  Everyone seems to be having a lot of fun except for me, and for the life of me I can't get anyone to let me in on the gag.  You can't join a PvP corp unless you have experience PvPing, and you can't get experience PvPing unless you're in a PvP corp (unless collecting insurance payouts counts).  Likewise, you can't get into the economic game unless you already have money.  So for a new player, that leaves asteroid mining -- which is exactly as entertaining as watching your hard drive defrag -- and what Eve calls "PvE," which is basically the same thing as mining except the rocks shoot back.  I'm willing to put the time in to learn a more complicated game, but I don't want to wait a year or more to get to “game” part of the game.

    So... someone, anyone, convince me to give some other game a try.  I almost want to give WAR another chance, but I'm not going to put the time in just so EA can quietly shut the game down in 6 months.  And don't bring up unreleased games - I've been an Ultima Online 2 fanboy twice in my life, and I don't think I could take another hEArtbreak. :)  I just want an MMO that's actually massive and multiplayer, but also entertaining.

    Alternately, if someone wants to let me in on the secret to Eve, I'll accept that as well. 

    Thank you random strangers on the internet!

         Go fishing smell the roses.  Try to have a life outside of MMOs and you might find yourself playing again eventually but honestly is sounds like maybe you NEED to take a break if you have played that many MMOs lol.  There is life outside of MMOS it's called RL.  Just have to remember how to live it is all.  :)

       I actually end up playing more than I wish because I am having health issues and at times it is the only thing that keeps my mond preoccupied from my pain and other problems but honestly if I could I would be up doing spring cleaning and be lucky if I managed to get on everyday.  If I had my choice I would definately be fishing.  :D

  • Demmi77Demmi77 Member UncommonPosts: 229

    Im an older gamer as well and played wow since 2004. I got sick of just about every mmo. I tried alot of them.

    To me , i think the hardcore aspect is just gone from my life and i am playing more casual stuff. More "fun" stuff and , to be honest, it's time to think outside the box.

    eve is a different game you will love or hate, it has a free trial so see what you think of it.

    For me i started to really enjoy co-op online games a bit more. I bought borderlands which kept me busy for about a year, its not really online friendly but its addictive good fun.

    torchlight, i can't say enough about this game.

    lunia is a cute fun game.

    That should keep you busy for a year or two .

  • sfc1971sfc1971 Member UncommonPosts: 421

    The problem of the OP is a common one, he doesn't want to put the effort in anymore.

    He forgot the very hard work it took in UO and other older games to actually GET to the fun stuff. So when he bitches about Eve taking a long time to get into, he is basically saying "I want the rich full experience of the old games that had a learning curve made up of a brick wall, but with an elevator attached".

    It is understandable but impossible.

    It is like going to watch the new Star Wars movies and expecting the same experience us oldies had when we first saw the first movie. It isn't just about you being a kid back then, my mother ALSO found the original to be an experience and became a fan. It was something new, no movie like it had been created before. Now? Special effects are a dime a dozen, in fact Industrial Light and Magic (lucas special effects company) was and still is the leading special effects company used by many movie makers.

    Seeing a massive spaceship in hot pursuit, we seen it so often now, we can't be impressed the same anymore.

    For us gamers, that means we are no longer will to play the original Everquest as it was originally, remember having to write down quests notes on paper? Hand drawn maps?, but still expect the same experience. How can it?

    Navigating as a kid with map and compas in the dark with one flikkery torch cannot be relived as an adult with a GPS in a car. Why do you THINK a lot of adults purposefully make their vacations hard of themselves to enjoy them?

    If you want the old game experience back, you need to play old style games and accept their short comings as being part of the experience. That means mobs that chase you all the way, horrific death penalities, quest descriptions that don't involve a golden trail leading you from mob to mob. 

    When the OP played DaoC and went with a huge raid, does he remember how bloody long it took to setup? How it required all the people involved to just accept that THIS was what they were doing for the night and not answer the bloody phone or walk the dog or whatever every ten seconds? 

    Eve players, the ones that get the joke ARE playing it old-school. That is why they are enjoying it. 

    The OP is probably no longer capable or willing to spend the time and so he wants an easy mode game but with the same experience as the real thing. That is like asking for the real mountain experience on your home trainer. 

    Current MMO's know that a large segment of the market just doesn't have drive to go old-school anymore. For those who do, EQ and UO are still there. WoW made it all easier but removed some of the immersion because of it AND by doing so did not just grow bigger then its predecssorss but growed the entire industry by millions. More people have played WoW then all other MMO's put together. (Oh okay, that might not be true anymore but it was for a long time).

    Yes, I want a "real" MMO again. One with epic adventures that take an entire day. I also want a true System Shock sequel. Or a real immersive flight sim not a spreadsheet. But I also just really don't have the time for them anymore.

    Basically, the OP wants his youth back. Don't we all.

  • HrothaHrotha Member UncommonPosts: 821

    How about RL? weather is nice.

    In May "The Witcher 2" will be released.. With that Game and Summer Holidays ur easily at Sept where Deus Ex 3 and Rage hits Stores :-)

    And theen you almost in Okt/Nov where Battlefield 3 is in your Hands aaaand *rataplan* hopefully Skyrim!


    Personally I don't see a reason to play any MMO this year.. Maybe 1Month on my Anarchy Online acc. But that's it.

    Edit: Ohhhhhh nobody knows when "The Secret World" will be released. Hopefully this year aswell


    Originally posted by sfc1971

    Basically, the OP wants his youth back. Don't we all.

    Woah no thanks. I'm so happy being in my mid20's! Never ever being a teen again *spits out*


  • ArcheAgeArcheAge Member Posts: 363

    Like some others have said. In three two weeks time we have the sequel to one of, if not the best rpg released in the last three years 5 years imo.

    This is a european RPG and here in europe when we say mature we mean mature,no BioWare tree hugging elves in this game or pathetic love seens trying to be mature.

    Last years first trailer http://www.gametrailers.com/video/exclusive-debut-the-witcher/63501

    Now here is the latest Vids with only 2.5 weeks to go .




    While you wait you can download the firts The Witcher game for cheap on steam.

  • surstromingsurstroming Member UncommonPosts: 151

    Originally posted by sfc1971

    The problem of the OP is a common one, he doesn't want to put the effort in anymore.

    He forgot the very hard work it took in UO and other older games to actually GET to the fun stuff. So when he bitches about Eve taking a (LOTSATEXTADDED)

    I was gonna type my personal experience (like allot of other people) but this guy nailed it, from my point of view

    I've always been a action mmo gamer, started off with pso, diablo 2, these games were rewarding challenging and very fast paced. this was the combination I was after, which made games fun, and while playing normal rpgs for 10 years ( WoW, EQ, daoc that sort of games) all of these kind of games are pretty much the same, and to me it wasn't rewarding nor fun, and they weren't exactly challenging either and this is the kind of issue mmorpgs face today, you play a new game but realize u've done this kind of thing before, there are few true mmorpgs (target then smah the skill button kinds) that does have challenging and rewarding outcome. but at some point u get tired of it, and want to try something new. so u buy the latest hyped mmorpg and play it to soon realize, its just like the previous game and this occurs sooner and sooner as time goes and u try new mmorpgs.

     this is what sfc1971 mentioned about the OP not being willing to play the new mmorpgs. but this is not the case for me for most action oriented mmos, but they're now becoming popular, we got vinfictus, tera, and blade and soul on our way,

    and they might ruin the action mmo genre too. none of the games are unique anymore, its the same thing with diffrent skin and pattern and probably setting but u know u've done this kind of thing ur entire mmo life,

    now what am I trying to point out here? dunno I was bored msyelf wanted to type something after looking for my own mmorpg ;/

    k that was only half true, but the thing is, mmorpgs may not change and not bring us the things we want. so maybe we should just give it a rest and come back to mmorpgs one year later. or we could keep trying to play mmos and continue our depressing cycle, but it often ends with you getting stuck in some  kind of game. since I don't know what the OP is after, (or maybe I ignored reading that) like playerbase, group content, endgame and such, I can't rly say what anyone should do when u've hit this threshold u jsut have to keep playing the games and if you don't enjoy them. then you simply don't

  • IzkimarIzkimar Member UncommonPosts: 564

    Grey, I feel I am in the same boat as you, but for me I understand where my frustrations with the genre are.  I can tell you right now that there isn't an MMO that is on the market right now that will hold you man.  That's how it is for me, there are no sandbox mmo's that are actually worth playing.  Eve, like you said you have the pains of establishing yourself.  All of the themepark games are so meh.  I am currently playing Rift, but I am not enjoying it much.  The only reason I get on is because I have a good group of friends that I am in a guild with.  I can't really explain the feeling I get when I play this game other than tired.  I literally feel exhausted by playing these soulless linear progression same ol' same ol' styled PvE games with no good PvP to boot.  It's killing me.  I can actually still bear WAR though, and I can still play DAoC.  However, the two games are not in a state to where they can offer future hopes.  Yet, I can only suggest what you asked for people not to suggest and that is games that haven't come out yet. 

    1.  The first MMO I believe might be a breath of fresh air for you and revive your love for the genre will be Guild Wars 2.  Why?  Because, Guild Wars 2 is breaking off the oft-treaded path and changing the mechanics and ways traditional MMO's work.  There will be no healer there will be no tank.  You will all try to support each other, and what's even better is you won't be doctoring health bars.  You will be responding to the battlefield and the battlefield alone.  What makes it better?  They are taking the DAoC styled PvP and throwing it into their own World V. World PvP.  You will not have 3 realms, but you will have 3 servers pitted against each other in a match on humongous maps that have no player limits.  There will be fights for resource nodes, interceptions of caravans, gaining resources for defensive means or for siege weapons.  You will have huge battles for major points, and will have skirmishes for smaller points as well.  It will bring back the roam with your group style combat you loved in DAoC.  What else?  The PvE will be different as well.  It will be non-linear, and you will have the dynamic events that trigger different one's  changing things up.

    2.  ArchAge, this feels like it will be a spiritual successor to Ultima.  Man it looks so great.  You will have a humongous open world to where the possibilities will be endless.  You can build villages, plant gardens, build castles, island fortressed, you can build ships, be a pirate, be a bandate, lol hell even be a king.  They are also adding PvE content into the game as well so it will have both player based content and dev made content.  There will be huge siege warfare, and it will be an open faction full loot type game as well. 

    3.  There are sitll games in a longer future that include titles such as WH40k or Project Copernicus.  I believe Copernicus which is synonymous with its counterpart Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will recieve a lot of dev love.  These are world that will be crafted by people who have a passion for what they do and will want to create a fully immersive world.  But these are games that we won't be seeing till 2012 or 2013.  But look out of them.

    The only advice I can give you is either take a break or play a game that is decent to pass time.  I am currently playing WAR and DAoC again and having some fun so you could do something like that.  And I really recommend not quiting the genre before you try ArchAge or Guild Wars 2, because as stated above I feel these are games that could give you a breath of fresh air and rejuvinate your interests. 

  • MeowerMeower Member Posts: 1



    Check it out. Its a slightly older sandbox game, with a smaller community... its a GREAT game. Except, that, you can't jump. (Thats just me though)


    I definitely suggest you give it a shot. I would've stuck with it, except for the mere fact that jumping, is not included in the engine. 


    Good luck! Don't get burnt out of MMOs! Just.. find something else to do while we wait for some others... League of Legends or Heroes of Newerth are good time killers.

  • jcobsjcobs Member Posts: 6

    Its been really hard finding a new game to play, which doesn't make sense because the market is so saturated with new and existing games. You'd think you could find something. The terrible thing is that good games change into something you didn't want. It's that divide that ruins it. To be frank, the games I always go back to are the free shards for DAoC which you dont need to subscribe to to play, and are like old frontiers. If not dark age free shards, then I play darktide in asheron's call... i know some people think that game is crap, i still believe its one of the funnest mmo's out there.

  • Dark_PegasusDark_Pegasus Member Posts: 37

    Currently alot of us are in this drought of good MMORPG's to play; after spending a while on RIFT with some of my rl friends, after getting to 50 and trying the high end content, I can honestly say the only real lasting feature is the Soul System. Everything else becomes extremely samelike and dull after a while.

    After a long search I can honestly say there is nothing out there that has really progressed from the good old days of Everquest & UO. Even SOE are trying to get back to their Everquest routes in the sequel. My friends and I are currently taking a break from looking for this holy grail, as we too, are suffering from this MMORPG burnout. So many games promise so much and then deliver so little; they seem afraid to deviate from the mould that WoW has created.

    My advice would be to stick with some good Single Player RPG's (Avoid Dragon Age 2) and games in general, while taking a break from this saturated and stagnant market.

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